Your To-Do List One Month Before Your Trip

The countdown has started! Exactly four weeks before your trip starts! It’s almost impossible to wait – but hang on, here are some necessary errands to while the hours away before you get on that plane:


  • Vaccinations – you’ve done your research on whether you’ll need any shots before your trip. Now make an appointment with a doctor to get them done – some shots require a two-week period between the time of the shot and the day you enter a high-risk area.
  • Visa – if you haven’t yet done it, look up what visas you might require while travelling. One month should be enough time to process any visas you haven’t yet gotten. Now is also a good time to note how much cash you’ll need to carry on you to pay for any visas at border checkpoints.
  • Do your research – look up any tourist destinations you plan to visit, including fares, opening hours and which days they’re usually closed – you don’t want to reserve only one day in Paris for the Louvre only to show up to find that is the one day on which the museum is closed.
  • Obtain your travel insurance.
  • Create a spreadsheet of your itinerary, involving all details including accomdation, address and contact details. Keep one on you, one in your e-mail and give another copy to a family member. Keep your itinerary on you when you’re going through customs – border officers often ask for a copy of your itinerary before you’re allowed a tourist visa. It will make your customs passage all the more smoother.
  • Double-check flight and accommodation details to make sure you’re booked in on all the right days and there haven’t been any delays. True story – I was creating my mini itinerary before a trip only to find out that my friend and I hadn’t booked the right number of nights for a hotel in one town! Luckily, I was able to rectify this before we actually started on the trip. Good thing – or we might have found ouselves been stranded for a night or two!

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