You Are What You Do

You Are What You Do

The other day I sat down at my laptop to get some writing done.

Only I wasn’t really writing.

I was surfing the net. I was looking at blogs, watching videos on youtube, reading free stories off the ‘net, reading news articles and features.

And this is something that happens a lot with me.

I’d set aside time for writing. And then I’d get distracted. I’d sit down to read a page or two of a book and then I’d find myself reading chapter after chapter as time ticked away.

Or I’d set aside time to exercise. And before I get up and into my workout gear, I pick up my phone to check out fitspo pics on Instagram. Just one or two, just to get me inspired. And before I know it, I’m scrolling down and down and down and half an hour of just looking at Instagram pics has passed.

I’d had enough and it was time to give myself a pep talk. “What are you doing?” I demanded with myself. “Do you want to write? Or do you just want to lie on the couch for the rest of your life, surfing the net and reading magazines?”

And that was when I realised: We Are What We Do.

That ties back in with a quote I read from Amanda of Wit and Whistle on what keeps her motivated: “I don’t want to look back later in life and wonder what might have happened if I had been more motivated. I want to know that I used my time well and reached my full potential!”

Wit & Whistle motivation

You can also find out more about Amanda in my interview with her here!

And that’s exactly what I feel. I could choose to spend hours lying on a sofa, just reee-laxing, reading books, magazines, surfing the ‘net, watching lots of TV shows. I would be content. But I wouldn’t get any further than that and as the years pass by, I don’t want to look back and wonder why I didn’t put my time to good use.

And that’s why I spend so many hours tearing my hair out with frustration writing stories I wonder if anyone would ever want to read, stories I wonder would ever see the light of day.

That’s why I devote hours to creating blog posts that I fear no one would ever read, that my site would get shunted over to just a little dark and dusty corner of the Internet that no one ever visits.

That’s why I spend time daily running and sweating and gasping for breath and killing my muscles, though I often find myself wondering why don’t I just take it easy today and sit back on the sofa with a bag of chips instead.

Because I want to get to a better destination one day and be a better person and I won’t get that way sitting on the sofa.

Hence, We Are What We Do.

Do you want to be that strong, fit girl who runs half-marathons and impresses everyone with her hot bod at the beach and how many pull-ups she can do? Well, you have to devote time to exercising. Every. Single. Day. No buts, no ifs, no shortcuts about it. But if you’re the girl who eats potato chips every day and doesn’t workout, you will be (and look like) the girl who eats potato chips every day and doesn’t workout.

Do you want to be a writer or a successful blogger? You won’t get that way simply by reading books and looking at blogs and day dreaming about what could be. You need to be out there, writing draft after draft after draft. You need to be out there, spending hours wrestling with how to use photoshop and creating quality blog content and taking and editing countless photographs for your blog.

Do you want to be the illustrator with all the super cool pictures everyone loves? Well, you have to devote time to your craft, drawing as much as you can and figuring out how to create graphics, no matter how boring or fiddly it might seem sometimes.

It would be so much easier to just go to the pub or the beach or the movies or the sofa. Now, nothing wrong with spending a little time at the pub or movies or the beach. But if we do that all the time, then we’ll just be the person who goes to the pub or to the beach or to the movies. But if we devote large quantities of our time (I’m talking the majority of our time) working on whatever we want to be – exercising, writing, blogging, drawing, creating nutritious and pretty meals, knitting, creating DIY projects, sculpting, working on cars, skating, horse riding, whatever – we will eventually become what we do.

And that’s how one becomes a success.


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