Writing Wednesday: Every Writer I Know Has Trouble Writing

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No one churns out a perfect, NYT bestselling, award-winning book the first time they take pen to paper. Every writer has to work through the process, the struggle to get the words on the page, the polishing and editing, the doubts and fears, the moments of “Aaaah, what the hell am I doing?!?”. But rest assured, you’re not alone! Even famous writers have their moments of struggle – Neil Gaiman, in his pep talk for NanoWrimo, reminisces about how he called his agent midway through writing Anansi Boys when he was feeling particularly down and discouraged about his book and just about ready to give up, abandon the book, abandon his entire career as a writer. “Oh, you’re at that part of the book, are you?” she said. “You do this every time you write a novel. But so do all my other clients.”

So know this – that when you sit down to write a book, there will be hard times. There will be self-doubts and fears, troubles and moments of ‘Aaaaargh.’ But also know this – that every writer will experience the same thing. It’s all part of the process of writing a book. Think of it as a milestone, a challenge, or a baptism of fire of sorts. And also know this – that the only thing that’s truly standing between you and your dream is not the tough times, but your tenacity, your gumption, and your determination to never give up.


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