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One of my favourite food websites, The Kitchn, has come up with a list of 20 writers’ favourite midnight snacks. There’s Walt Whitman, who likes a piece of cake or two when the midnight oil burns low. Simone de Beauvoir headed to her local Parisian cafe, the Rotonde, for an  andouillette – a very strongly scented French sausage. And Terry McMillan, author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, keeps it healthy with a handful of trail mix.

It got me thinking – what’s my favourite midnight snack? I realise when I write at night, I usually get so caught up I don’t tend to take time to eat. It’s only when I write in the day that I start to get hungry – or if I’ve come home from a late night out or been watching some mindless TV that the hunger takes hold of me. But then I realised there is one particular snack I like to eat late at night – and it’s real easy to cook up too.

Oh, I am such an Asian when it comes to this. But I can pretty much guarantee that everyone I’ve introduced this to, Asian or not, loves it and pretty soon that becomes their midnight snack staple too, particularly after much drinking! And that is none other than the good old Indomie instant noodles. There’s just something about these noodles, boiled for a few minutes in a pot before draining and mixed in a bowl with sweet dark sauce (kecap manis), dried onions and seasoning oil. There’s also the chill sauce on offer, but I tend to nix that and stick with just the dark sauce. Top it with a fried egg, sunny-side up, cooked just enough so that you can tear it apart with your fork and watch the golden yolk run through the noodles. It’s not the healthiest of meals, but it is oh so good.

Writers, what’s your favourite midnight snack? Tell me in the comments below!


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