Writer’s Accessory: Litographs Scarf

Litographs, scarf, words, accessory, writers, print, story, Nanowrimo

I was super excited when I received my Litographs scarf in the mail the other day!

As part of Nanowrimo, Litographs were offering writers a custom-made scarf printed with an excerpt of their story. I was intrigued and when I clicked on the link I loved the look of their scarf and the idea of wearing your story around your neck!

I didn’t actually use an excerpt from the story I wrote in last year’s Nanowrimo as that one is still in “draft hell” mode. However, I decided to use the first 30,000 words from another story I finished last year and which has a special place in my heart and it also helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. No matter what happens with that story or whether it gets published, it means a great dealt me and I realised I never did celebrate finishing it. So this scarf is my reward and celebration for finishing that particular story.

I ordered the scarf right before Christmas last year and almost forgot about it until the package arrived in the mail the other day. You can’t tell how excited I was to see the Litographs package in the mail!

Litographs, scarf, words, accessory, writers, print, story, Nanowrimo

The scarf is an infinity scarf with my story printed in Baskerville font in light blue. I love the fabric of the scarf – it is incredibly soft and I can’t stop running my hands over it! Though it’s summer in Australia right now, the weather feels more like a spring day so I could wear my scarf right away. I can’t wait for winter to come though so I can wear my scarf all the time. And it’s a special feeling knowing you’re wearing your own story.

Litographs, scarf, words, accessory, writers, print, story, Nanowrimo

My only small gripe is that the print is quite light and almost smudged so I have to squint to read any of the words. I don’t know if it’s because of the colour I choose and whether a darker colour might make the words much clearer. If I order another Litographs scarf, I might try dark or navy blue and see if that suits better.


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