Write Through It

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Write Through It.

This is the revision tip I’m sharing as part of #pwsummersplash right now, which is also part of #pitchwars!

So what does ‘write through it’ mean?

Some days when I’m experiencing writer’s block or find myself ensnared in a plot tangle or at a loss at how to write out my next scene, I find the best thing to do is just to put fingers to keyboard and… well… just write.

Write anything.

Write the most ridiculous things down in the world, stuff your characters would never ordinarily do. Write the most ungrammatical, awkward sentences ever. Write horrible scenes that you’ll have to re-write four, five, even ten times just to make it passable, write scenes that are so bad you’ll end up going back and deleting them eventually. But just write.

Nine out of ten times, you might find yourself looking back on what you’ve just written and sighing with frustration, wondering why you’ve just wasted so much time working on something that turned out so bad. You’ll swear at the time wasted, upset you have nothing to show for it. But let me tell you one thing – it wasn’t wasted. There is no such thing as bad writing, just good-writing-in-progress. You might not see it now but every word you’ve written, even if it’s a word you’ll eventually erase, brings you that much closer to your goal. Each word you write helps hone your craft that bit more, helps scrape away at that mental block until your creativity gushes forth like a waterfall.

Just write through it.

That writing might help bring up new questions and new ideas for your manuscript, new ways to tell your story. That writing might just help your eliminate some scenes that were never going to turn out well anyway, but you wouldn’t have known that until you’ve written them down. That writing might help you figure out your characters, understand them better.

So next time you’re at a loss as to where to go next with your story, just try writing your way out of it. Writing anything, even if it’s ‘bad writing’ (<– no such thing, okay!), is still better than sitting paralysed at your desk, unable to write anything for fear of not being perfect.

So just take a deep breath, put those fears away, and just write through it. 🙂

Happy writing!


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