When things don’t go your way, try something different

When things don't go your way, try something different

Today, due to the new changes in my gym’s class timetable, Body Combat class got pushed back half an hour. Unfortunately, that half hour change also means that it’s a lot harder to find a spot in the parking lot at that time(my gym is in a mall and it fills up pretty quick). By the time I finally found a park and got in, I had already missed the first five minutes of class and I felt bad going in late. But I still wanted to get a workout in so I hopped on the treadmill instead and did a 25 minute run.

The treadmill I was on was situated right behind the rowing machines and I thought today might be a good time to try rowing instead. I’ve never tried the machines before and I’ve always been hesitant to because they looked kind of complicated. So I just watched what the others did and it seemed pretty easy. Just sit down, put your feet in the straps and start rowing!

Rowing Machines

As it turned out, rowing was a lot of fun and I felt it really worked out my arms, shoulders and back. I did about 10 minutes of rowing and I would definitely like to try it again. I think it would make a great addition on the days I do a treadmill run.

According to LiveStrong, working out on the rowing machine is a low-impact workout that burns calories quickly. Plus it’s a full body workout!

For those like me who are new to the rowing machine, Shape Magazine has some great pointers for beginners.

It was really fun trying something different and I think that’s something to keep in mind when you can’t stick to your usual workout routine. For example, if you’ve only got half an hour to work out, try some quick interval training. Or if it’s raining outside, do a home circuit workout or try an online class!


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