A few things inspiring me this week…


The Soul Kitchen Sessions: Time and time again I find myself going back to the Soul Kitchen Sessions on YouTube that features live recordings of so many great artists like Sarah Blasko, Imany and Hindi Zahra. Simply amazing!

The Crash Reel: Lucy Walker’s documentary about top snowboarder Kevin Pearce, the rivalry between him and fellow snowboarder Shaun White ahead of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the training accident that left Pearce severely brain injured and struggling to come to terms with the fact that he might never snowboard again. Pearce’s story will both inspire and move you, and as another reviewer has commented, the real stars of this film might very well be Pearce’s family and their love and support of each other.

Gypset: Gypset (Gypsy meets jet set) is author and journalist Julia Chaplin’s take on bohemian culture, modern travellers and her interpretation of the people she’s met or have been inspired by along her travels – all semi-wanderers like her – artists, designers, musicians, etc. Check out her beautiful website with its travelogue pictures and her books which look at Gypset travel and style. Travelling artists inspired by and inspiring each other and the world around them – what’s there not to like?

The Road is Home: The Road is Home is an intimate and hauntingly beautiful look into the world of young Australian photographer Nirrimi Firebrace and her young family – poetic and sensitive wanderers who have managed to make a home for themselves in the hearts of friends and family everywhere they go. It’s a privilege to be allowed a peek into the private beautiful snapshots of Nirrimi and her husband as well as Nirrimi’s writings recounting their journey through life and through the world with their baby Alba.

Flax-Golden Tales: If you are, like me, a fan of Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus and can’t wait for her to release her next book, tide yourself over in the meantime with musings from Erin’s Emporium of Discount Dreams and Well-worn Wonders and read her Flax-Golden Tales – musings and short stories she created based on photographs by the talented Carey Farrell.

[Picture sources: Clockwise from top left corner: The Road is Home, Gypset, Soul Kitchen, Gypset, Crash Reel’s IMDB page, The Road is Home].


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