What to do in the face of rejection

What to do in the face of rejection

Rejection happens to the best of us. It can be heart wrenching and bitter, but the thing to remember is everything happens for a reason and what matters is what we do after. Do we take that rejection and learn from it and get better? Do we keep going, getting better, trying harder for success? Do we grit our teeth and persevere in spite of all the ‘nos’ we receive?

In the outright face of rejection, it’s all right to slink off into a dark and comfortable corner and lick our wounds for a bit. But never for too long – after a little while, we need to remember to love and look after ourselves and to do something that makes us feel good about ourselves. When we’re in a better frame of mind, that’s the time to look back on the rejection with fresh eyes and analyse what went wrong there. What could we have done to get a different result? What can we do with this rejection to improve ourselves? Is this what we really want? Are our priorities in the right place? How badly do we want this?

Then it’s time from there to dust ourselves off and keep trying again. Because perseverance in the face of rejection will build character, renew your commitment, and is the best key to success

Always keep trying. Always keep improving! I believe in you!


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