What My Characters Eat

Rustic Soup, Bread and Books

I’m in the midst of the final rounds of editing my work-in-progress and I’m so excited about how it’s turning out!

I haven’t spoken much about exactly what my story is about, and I want to wait till I’m finished before I actually speak about it. I guess in a way I don’t want to jinx it!

But I thought I’d share a couple of sneak peeks at the lives and times of my characters – and particularly for today, a look at the food my characters eat! Food is such an integral part of life and affords such a window into various cultures and ways of life. I love reading about the delicious meals characters sup on in stories and I also enjoy writing about scrumptious meals and culinary confections!

The part which I’m currently editing in my WIP sees my characters living in a cottage in a forest, eating simple, rustic country food. In particularly, they have quite a lot of soup. Warm, hearty soups to nourish the body and soul, served with hunks of freshly baked bread and new butter. There’s a butter churn, in the cellar, of course! (side note: does anyone remember the scene in L.M. Montgomery’s Pat of Silver Bush where a seven-year-old Pat churns the spoilt milk at the farm for fun and quite by accident creates the butter for Aunt Hazel’s wedding? Always a favourite scene of mine!)

Pictured above is a bowl of cream of mushroom soup (one of my favourite all-time soups since I was a child) and fresh bread that I made for lunch the other week. Quite by coincidence, I realised how this was exactly the kind of meal my characters would sit down to and I decided to snap a couple of pictures right on the spot! Unfortunately, I can’t share the recipe as the soup is a basic copyrighted Thermomix recipe that’s not mine to share publicly and the bread is merely a fresh loaf I picked up from a store bakery close by! I wish I could say these were original recipes of mine created from the scratch (well, the mushroom soup was created from scratch, but not the bread), but unfortunately no! Still, doesn’t it look like a downright inviting meal? It was totally the ideal lunch for a cold winter afternoon.

Writers, tell me what kind of meals are you characters feasting on? And readers, what are your favourite scenes of food/eating in books?


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