Weekend Getaway: Margaret River

Prevelly Beach aquamarine

If you took a peek at my training journal entry for last week, you might have noticed that I didn’t work out at all on the weekend. And that was because I headed down south for a much needed weekend getaway with some friends!

Last week had been a really busy week for both J and me, and we were super glad to be heading out to Margaret River on Saturday for a belated 30th birthday celebration for J and some much needed R&R. We could already feel the stress melting away as we hit the highway. Two other couples had already headed down and were waiting for us at the most amazing beach house.

Redgate Beach House Exterior

Redgate Beach House

Redgate Beach House view

The very name Red Gate reminds me of one of my favourite Nancy Drew books as a kid where the titian-haired detective and her friends headed out into the country to save Red Gate farmhouse from falling into the heads of nefarious counterfeiters. Ever since, just the name ‘Red Gate’ alone makes me think of fresh air, country living and beautiful views… and this amazing beach house on Red Gate Road fitted the description exactly. Only instead of a crumbling farmhouse, we got a gorgeous modern beach house with a living room that boasted a fireplace (and marshmallow tongs in the well-supplied kitchen – they think of everything!) and glass walls that afforded a view of green fields and the sea in the distance. Which, if you think about it, is way better than a farmhouse!

The only drawback to the beach house is there is a small active lime quarry nearby. The house was built with the quarry in mind so as to provide the best protection from the noise and dust, and we were fortunate enough to only be there on the weekend where there were no trucks or work going on. Instead, it was just peace and quiet and at night, the stars.

Our friends also had another terrific surprise planned for us. Shortly after we’d arrived, a driver showed up with a limo ready to drive us around for a wine tour!

We started off at once with champagne in the limo. A great way to start the weekend!

We dropped by a couple of wineries (unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos in as I was too busy tasting the wine!) and had a pit stop at the Knee Deep Winery for lunch as well. Everyone agreed on the Trust the Chef three course meal where we allowed the chef to select our meals. It turned out to be a great decision. J and I hadn’t had anything to eat the entire morning except champagne and wine so we were glad to see the beautiful venison main that arrived. Sous vided, of course. Everything seems to be done in sous vide style since they introduced that method of cooking on this year’s MasterChef! Not that I’m complaining – it’s delicious! 

Knee Deep luncheon main

The dessert was also pretty spectacular. It had everything a dessert could want – a hard chocolate ball that cracked open to reveal oozing caramel plus ice cream and some crunchy granola and sweet berries on the side.

Knee Deep luncheon dessert

After fortifying ourselves with lunch, we decided to try the Cheeky Monkey brewery. I was pretty stuffed by then, but decided to share a beer tasting paddle with J.

It was a beautiful day so most of the folks at Cheeky Monkey took their beers outside by the small lake but we were only making a quick stop so we stayed inside. I loved the hanging tassel lamps inside and could not stop checking them out!

Cheeky Monkey

After we were finished with our beers, we realised we were running out of time (we only had the limo till five) so we made a quick pit stop to grab some cheeses for the evening before heading home. We spent some time playing frisbee and footy outside (I got to show off my spectacular skills of not being able to kick a footy at all) before heading back in to nibble on cheese, drink more champagne and make s’mores by the fireplace inside while watching a few movies. The perfect end to the day!

P.S. those gorgeous aquamarine waves in the first picture is from Prevelly Beach which we stopped by the next day. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Margaret River weekend getaway!


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