Weekend Getaway: Margaret River Part II

Prevelly Beach Dog

We didn’t have much time to spare on our second and final day in Margaret River as J and I had to hurry back to Perth for a special birthday dinner at Nobu with his mother.

We did make sure, however, to drop by Prevelly Beach to admire the view.

Prevelly Beach 2

The first thing I noticed about Prevelly Beach was how beautiful its waters with, ranging from colours of vivid aquamarine to emerald green to a pale blue frothed with white horses further out where the surf breaks were. It looked like a great place to surf, filling me with total Blue Crush envy. Maybe some day… after I’ve finally nailed swimming!

Prevelly Beach surfer

We also did a quick coffee stop at this cute Combie Coffee Van by the beach.

Combie Coffe Van

The guy who ran the van looked like he had the best job in the world!

After Prevelly, we just had enough time to run on over to Canal Rocks which J insisted we had to stop by, claiming it was his favourite place in all the world. And when we got there, it was easy enough to see why.

Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks is a large formation of rocks along the tip of a peninsula south of Smiths Beach and it has some of the most amazing ocean views. In fact, it reminded me a little of our last road trip, which was in Norway, where we checked out the waves breaking against the rocks along the Atlantic Ocean Road.

Canal Rocks 2

Canal Rocks 4

Though I did pretty well scrambling up the rocks, I have to admit I had a bit of trouble when it came time to head downwards. I always have a slight issue with climbing downwards! J, naturally, was bounding everywhere like a mountain goat.

Canal Rocks Top of the Rock

Canal Rocks Meditation

Canal Rocks Glitter Sea

While the weather was cool-ish, we definitely got hot and sweaty climbing over the rocks and I definitely felt I had gotten in my exercise for the weekend!

When we returned to the cars, we realised it was time to start heading back if we wanted to get back in time for our Nobu dinner. The others headed off to visit an olive oil estate while J and I got back into our car and prepped ourselves for the three hour long journey back to Perth.

It was definitely too short a weekend and we spent some of our time on the drive home talking about how we really needed to get back for a much longer trip. We want to visit more wineries and beaches and I was interested in seeing some of the caves around Margaret River. I’m also keen to see some of Denmark, especially the Valley of the Giants, so we’d definitely be making a trip down south again sometime soon, possibly in the summer!


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