Week in Training (September 29th to October 5th)

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So this has been another week of mix-and-match! It’s been fun taking a few different classes. I definitely think I need to be doing a few more Body Balance classes. I also wanted to try the yoga and Pilates classes – but my only issue? They’re always scheduled so late in the day. I get the logic that the stretching classes would be the last because people could do the cardio and strength focused ones first, then stretch their muscles out. But I can’t also help wishing they would schedule a few more yoga and Pilates classes a little earlier on either in the morning or in the evening for those of us who have to rush off.

Monday, I went a little crazy and did three classes (CXWorx was only half an hour, though, and Body Balance is, on the whole, pretty relaxing). I took it easy the rest of the week, though. I wanted to get a few runs in, but to be honest? I didn’t quite feel like running this week so I just ran and walk most of the time. And it felt good!

Saturday was Rest Day. And Sunday…  Sunday is Sin Day! Where I sleep in and then have drinks with the girls and basically not do much else today. But that’s okay… because guess what I have planned for the coming week!

That’s right, the Kayla Itsines Weeks 13-24 BBG program!

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Okay, so I’ve been really enjoying taking the last couple of weeks off, trying different things and taking it easy. But to be honest? I kind of miss the Kayla Itsines workouts and how hard they pushed me. So I ended up purchasing Weeks 13-24 and I’m feelin’ quite excited about it!

It starts tomorrow – wish me luck!

September 29th to October 5th:

  • Monday: CXworx Class, Body Combat Class and Body Balance Class
  • Tuesday: 2km run + 2km run/walk, followed by three rounds of 15 weighted squat, clean and press, 10 push ups and 15 triceps dips.
  • Wednesday: Kayla Itsines Week 1 Full Body Workout
  • Thursday: 7.5km run/walk
  • Friday: 7.5km run/walk
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Sin Day!

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