Week in Training (September 22nd to 28th)

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Is it already Sunday? I can’t believe how fast the week has flown – it’s been a pretty busy week for me and I feel like I’ve just been go-go-go the whole time! I’m still going now for even though it’s the long weekend, I’ll still be heading into work. However, I’ve got my own personal long weekend scheduled for next week so I can’t wait!

The one thing that’s been keeping me going, though, are my workouts! Exercise always gives you that nice energy boost you need to keep going and this week’s been particularly good for me as I’ve just been mixing things up a little and doing whatever my body feels like. I’ve also been heading back into the gym to take in a class or two, which I haven’t really done since I started the Kayla Itsines Week 12 Bikini Body Guide  (click here for my review of all 12 weeks in the Kayla Itsines BBG program). Things have changed heaps at the gym since I’ve been away! They’ve been buying out heaps of other gyms in the state so now there’s lots more branches I can go to – and there’s even a second gym right across the road from my usual branch which is pretty exciting for me. Ive been comparing the class schedules of both gyms and trying to decide which classes I want to go to now – there are so many!

For now, I’ve just been getting back into running plus heading back into my Body Combat class, which I always have a great time at. I’ve also tried a CXworx class on Sunday which is basically 30 minutes of resistance-based core work training. I know they say there’s really no such thing as a targeted workout, especially when it comes to abs, but I really do feel the soreness in my abs the next day every time I take one of these classes so I’m looking forward to fitting in more of these 30-minute workouts in my schedule!

Another thing I’ve been making time for is a Mason jar breakfast parfait as my post-workout refuel every day! I think this has become my all-time new favourite breakfast! This week, I’ve been enjoying a peach and strawberry parfait while catching up on two of my favourite magazines – Vogue and the Collective Hub. Both magazines have such great lifestyle, creative and entrepreneurial ideas and they always boast such well-written, well-researched articles – especially the American edition of Vogue – that I’m always brimful of ideas and more ways to lift my game whenever I’m done reading them. They’re the best! What are your favourite magazines and why? Tell me in the comments below!

September 22nd to 28th:

  • Monday: 8km run
  • Tuesday: Body Combat Class
  • Wednesday: 7.5km run
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: 6.5km run
  • Saturday: Kayla Itsines Week 4 Ab and Arms workout
  • Sunday: CXworx Class

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