Week in Training (October 13th to 19th)

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I’m a little late with this week’s workout updates – but I’ve just managed to slip it in before the clock ticks over onto Monday!

This week saw me taking on Week 15 of the Kayla Itsines BBG. Monday, as usual, incorporated circuit moves aimed at legs, while Wednesday tackled arms and Friday incorporated ab workouts. The ab workouts incorporated a lot more weights than usual which I liked as I thought it definitely added a bit more oomph to the moves. I actually did the abs workout on Saturday, rather than Friday to accommodate the weather as I knew rain had been forecast for Saturday and I wanted to get in another run/walk before the weather changed from super sunny at the beginning of the week to chilly storms on the weekend. I did appreciate the grey, cool weather on Friday though because, as I’ve said plenty of times before, that’s my ideal kind of running weather!

One thing that didn’t have me at my best for my runs though, and ended up turning my runs into more of a run/walk was allergies. Urgh. Hayfever season has hit us and unfortunately this year I’ve had a really bad run of it. I’m forever sniffling and blowing my nose and popping antihistamines like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately all this medication, even the daytime ones that purport to be anti-drowsy pills, make me feel like a zombie and has cut my energy levels down majorly this week. I find myself sleeping more than often and when I’m not sleeping, I’m generally just sneezing and blowing my nose constantly. Here’s hoping next week will be better because I feel like I’ve gone through stacks of tissue boxes and am quite frankly sick of perpetually blowing my nose ever since I had the flu in the middle of the year, followed very quickly on by hayfever season. Urgh!

Sunday was a busy day and my schedule got so jam-packed that unfortunately I didn’t get around to doing the optional Kayla Itsines BBG full body workout. To be honest, today was a total wipeout, health wise – call it a cheat day, a rest day or basically just a Totally Let Myself Go Day. I have a plan, though, to try and incorporate bits of this Sunday workout in and around my workouts for next week so we’ll see how we go with that! Here’s wishing everyone a lovely and energetic start to the new week coming up!

Edit: I noticed I keep mixing up my weeks these days and I was posting that this was Week 15 just gone by. Apologies – I meant Week 14! *smacks forehead* I need to pull myself together!

October 13th to 19th:

  • Monday: Kayla Itsines Week 14 (Legs)
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: Kayla Itsines Week 14 (Arms)
  • Thursday: Run/walk 8km
  • Friday: Run/walk 7.5km
  • Saturday: Kayla Itsines Week 14 (Abs)
  • Sunday: Rest Day

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