Week in Training: March 9th to 15th

treadmill, run, intervals, fartleks, marathon, training

This week has been a cardio week! Or should I say, a week of runs!

I had plans to hit the gym for some Body Pump and Body Combat but I’ve been having some car troubles so I haven’t been able to get to my classes! Boo! On the flipside, I’ve been able to get it at least four runs this week and built up on some of that endurance.

It’s been alternately hot and rainy this week as Cyclone Olwyn travelled along the WA coast so I’ve been stopping by the gym on the way home and doing treadmill runs. Treadmill runs can be rather boring so I’ve been changing it up with some fartleks this week. I’m such fan of interval runs now!

As you can see from the chart above, this is what I’ve been aiming for with my intervals. I start off with a five minute warm up walk, then get my body into the groove with a limber 10 minute run at 8.5km/hr. All of this happens on a 1.5 gradient to simulate outdoor/wind resistance conditions.

After this, I switch things up a bit with some speed intervals! I alternate between a fartlek of 10.5km/hr run for two minutes and recovery of 8.5km/h for two minutes, repeat three more times (so in all I do this four times.) Then I recover with a 5.5km walk for a minute before starting my hill intervals.

With hill intervals, I raise the gradient to a 5.5 incline and run this for two minutes at 8.5km/h before alternating with a 1.5m gradient for recovery. Then I repeat this three more times. By this time, I’m already pretty tired so occasionally I’d walk for about 30 seconds to a minute during my recovery two minutes as well. By the end of this, I’m chaffing for a bit more speed so I do a quick 9.5km/hr run for a minute before I start my five-minute cool down. Then I’m done!

So what I do looks kind of like this:

treadmill, run, intervals, fartleks, marathon, training

I followed this formula twice this week, with a few modifications here and there, running at a higher speed/gradient for longer when I felt like it, and slowing down to recover for longer when my body starts to fatigue, but overall this is what I’ve been aiming for on my treadmill interval runs. Intervals definitely make the time go by a lot faster and keeps things from being boring on the treadmill – I highly recommend it for anyone who’s finding it hard to keep focused on treadmill runs! I’m also looking forward to changing things up even more in the future by increasing my speed and incline levels.

Now to spend what’s left of this weekend chilling and watching the F1 on TV. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

March 9th to 15th:

  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: 6km treadmill run
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 3km treadmill run
  • Friday: 6km treadmill run
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: 7km run

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