Week in Training (June 30th to July 6th)

Buds of July

I love the look of these wintry buds in the picture above, creating a pattern against the cloudy sky. This is a photo I took on my Tuesday run and you can already see scarlet shoots emerging from some of the buds (though you can’t see it in this picture). Soon, the buds would flower and there will be beautiful scarlet blooms arching over the path.

It’s been another good week, training-wise! We’ve entered Week 4 of the Kayla Itsines BBG workout and I’m pleased to say that the problem tummy is getting flatter each week! I’m so excited – I can’t wait to finally get some ab definition there!

This week has been a repeat of Week 2’s workouts. I’m definitely getting faster and able to do more rounds of each circuit in seven minutes (not such a good thing when you know you’ve got commando push-ups or burpees waiting for you all over again!

Another plus: my arm strength is definitely growing week by week. I’ve finally managed to do a full 15 reps of four mountain climbers and one push up without having to fall to my knees for a quick breather once! Of course, I only kept it up for one round and by the next round, I had to drop to the knees by the sixth rep. But still that’s progress! And I’m getting better with the commandos. I think the commandos, mountain climbers plus push up, and burpees are my least favourite! My favourites are the weighted lunges and pretty much everything that involves weights – they make me feel like I’m really working my body without killing myself!!

I think I’ve been on a real kick lately with my avocado breakfasts. I just love avocados so much – they’re so creamy and delicious! This week, I’ve been enjoying avocado and tomatoes on freshly sliced poppyseed toast but on Saturday, we decided to try something new and added crumbled goat’s cheese and freshly cracked black pepper as well. I think tomatoes go better with the avocado but the feta added a nice sharp salty taste – a bit like anchovies. It was a sunny day so we enjoyed our breakfast outside!

Toast with feta and avocado

On a not-so-positive note, I think I pulled a muscle in my neck or something on Wednesday because the right side has been aching ever since and interfering badly with my swim on Thursday :/ I’ve been kneading it a little and hoping it will come all right soon, but I’ve been feeling out of sorts along my back as well and I think it’s to do with the neck issue. If it keeps on next week, I’ll have to make an appointment with a physio or something.

This is what this week’s round of workouts look like:

June 30th to July 6th:
Monday: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workout Week 4
Tuesday: 7km run
Wednesday: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workout Week 4
Thursday: 20 minutes swimming
Friday: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workout Week 4
Saturday: Body Combat class and 2km treadmill run
Sunday: 45 minute swim


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