Week in Training: January 5th to 11th

Hopman Cup tennis

The beginning of this week was a busy start – I’ve had to deal with plumbers fixing our hot water system (at last!) plus other household issues so I wasn’t really able to get in any kind of workout for the first two days. It’s a relief to finally have a hot shower, though!

On Monday, right after dealing with the plumbers up to the very last minute, I had to make a dash to… you guessed it, the tennis! I was super excited at attending my very first tennis match. I’ve always liked tennis and once, when J and I were discussing what kind of professional athlete we’d like to be, we both agreed that being a tennis player would be a great one. Tennis players, IMO, are some of the best looking athletes around. And their bodies always look so nice and lean and sculpted, not in an overboard kind of way like some other sports can get but in a way that always looks healthy and balanced! Plus, there’s a certain kind of glamour to that sport 🙂

Andy Murray, Benoit, tennis, Hopman Cup, Perth Arena

We’re also lucky to have the Hopman Cup here in Perth and have some really good players come visit. On Monday, for example, we got to see Britain play France… meaning we got to see Andy Murray play!

We also got to see Alize Cornet play Heather Watson. Alize was a total powerhouse – it was easy to see why she won last year’s Hopman Cup along with her partner, Jo Wilfred-Tsonga, whom I was sad to see hadn’t return this year. Plus, she’s quite outspoken and funny and made things really entertaining on the courts! We’d see her sitting on the sides, moving her shoulders and hands in a ‘dance’ along with the music in between sets and laughing whenever the ‘dance cam’ turned onto the audience.

The Perth Arena stadium was a great place to watch the tennis too. Monday was a super hot day with temps reaching up to 45 Celsius degrees but luckily we opted for the evening matches so it was definitely much cooler by the time we reached the arena. The roof was opened to reveal the gorgeous summer sky that stayed sunny and bright until late in the evening but we stayed nice and cool in the arena itself. I did wonder if they had maybe put in air-conditioning because we felt so nice and cool inside! I would definitely love to go for another tennis match sometime soon!

Perth Arena, tennis, summer, sky, roof, Hopman Cup

Now on to my workouts of the week!

My body’s been kind of stuck in sluggish, lazy, post-Christmas mode so I’m just easing in gradually into my workouts this week. It definitely woke up, though, when I went to a Body Combat class on Wednesday. We had an instructor I hadn’t seen before and he was a lot of fun and really motivated us to push ourselves to the limit in the class, so much so that I almost got a little dizzy in between routines! But it was a good kind of dizzy! My muscles were super sore after that so I was glad to be able to get in a Body Balance class on Friday, as per one of my fitness resolutions for 2015 – to do some form of yoga or stretching class at least once a week.

On Saturday, I got in a second Body Combat class (such a fan of Body Combat!) and 20 minutes of run/walk intervals on the treadmill to finish the week off. It’s been a nice slow start with lots of rest days in between but I am definitely looking forward to getting in more workouts next week! Stay tuned 🙂

January 5th to 11th:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Body Combat
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 20 minute treadmill run and Body Balance class
  • Saturday: Body Combat and 20 minute treadmill run/walk intervals
  • Sunday: Rest

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