Week in Training: February 2nd to 8th

Wildcats, Perth Arena, basketball

Whoops! Where has the weekend gone? I was opting for a quiet weekend but instead it’s just been go, go, go!

On Friday night, I went to my first live basketball game, the Wildcats versus the Taipans. It was so much fun and there was so much going on with the mascots running around, the cheerleaders and the music. I love the buzz and the atmosphere of it! And, of course, the Wildcats won!

The rest of the weekend went by in a whirl of eating and hanging out with friends. We had a chilled Saturday night at the Double Double Bar in Subiaco with some drinks and pizza and on Sunday, I ducked into the cinema to watch The Gambler with another friend before we caught up with the boys for a feast at the Mr Chow Saloon and Bar in Leederville. None of us had been to Mr Chow before (I think it’s fairly new) and we took on the recommendation of an ‘Odyssey banquet’ where we got to try a little bit of everything. Some of the dishes included tom yum soup shooters, mantou pork buns and lemongrass chicken. Everything was super delicious and we’re still belly-achingly full from it a day later!

Now on to the workouts of the week!

Last week was pretty low on the cardio – instead of runs, I’ve just been going for mainly walks with hill climbs. We have a pretty steep road near our place, and me and the BF have been doing climbs on it. It really works the butt out!

Tuesday was hot and stormy – so stormy there was no chance of heading out even to drive to the gym. I was on my way home when the storm hit and I could hardly see out the window to drive. It was raining so hard, I wanted to pull over but I could hardly see well enough to even do that. It was crazy!

So instead of heading to the gym, I settled for a quick indoors workout I got off Peanut Butter Fingers, a favourite health blog of mine. It was only 18 minutes long but it was definitely a sweaty one! I have never done wall sits or donkey kicks before but I’m definitely keen to incorporate them in my future workouts. They definitely kicked my butt! In fact, along with the hill climbs, this week just gone seems to have been all about the butt and thighs!

I was hoping to end the work on a more cardio-friendly note but my treadmill run on Sunday was cut short by… my shorts!! I had on a pair of old running shorts and the waistband was getting pretty loose so the entire time I was running I could feel it slipping down my hips! Eek! And it had to be the day I choose to run in the front row of treadmills! Luckily my top was pretty long but it was annoying having to keep pulling my shorts up. By the time I hit 2.5km, I was like, “Na, this is not going to work!” and ended up just going home instead. I think it’s time for some new gym wear!

February 2nd to 8th:

  • Monday: 2km walk
  • Tuesday: Peanut Butter Fingers Quick N Sweaty Workout
  • Wednesday: 2km walk plus five hill climbs
  • Thursday: 2km walk plus 7 hill climbs
  • Friday: Body Pump and Body Balance
  • Saturday: Body Combat
  • Sunday: 2.5km treadmill run

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