Week in Training: February 23rd to March 1st

Wakeboarding, Red Bull, Cranberry Bog

Today has been a lazy Sunday for me with a luxurious sleep in and a late lunch while watching cool Red Bull adventure videos like this one of a bunch of guys wake boarding in a cranberry bog. I’ve never known that cranberries are grown in bogs – how cool and beautiful is that? When harvest time comes, the farmers flood the bogs and use a water reel to dislodge the berries from the vines so they come floating up to the top of the water. It’s like a sea of vivid crimson beads. I wonder if any of those wake boarders caught a few cranberries with their mouths while skimming over the surface?

The weather looked cool and beautiful and autumnal in the video… which is a far cry from what it’s been like here in Perth earlier this week. I know I’ve been complaining about how muggy it’s been lately, but this week really takes the cake! The weather has been so hot and humid, the world felt as if it had become one gigantic indoor swimming pool. Every step I took, I felt like I was swimming slowly underwater in a giant tank of humidity. Ugh, ick and yuck!

As you can tell, I don’t do humidity very well.

The only good thing about the humidity was that it had the power to vanquish the spring fever attack I had at the beginning of the week. That quickly came back, though, as the weather cooled considerably at the end of the week and I’m now looking out the window as I type this at a cool, grey and windy Sunday evening that looks more like winter than the first day of autumn in Perth. Thankfully, my second attack of hay fever wasn’t as bad as the first one and was easily vanquished with a quick dose of anti-hayfever medication. Whew!

Since the weather was so muggy, with the exception of a short outdoor run on Monday, I’ve taken to the gym to workout in relatively cool conditions. Even though so, it’s been so hot that people looked as if they were about to die at Body Combat class and the instructor made sure to give us lots of water breaks so we wouldn’t faint on him!

Running-wise, I did another fun treadmill run on Thursday with a few hill intervals and a couple of speed fartleks. I think I’m actually becoming a fan of hill running now, miracle of miracles!

I only managed to get two runs in this week though. I was aiming for a third run on the weekend but instead ended up having a lazy weekend with two luxurious sleep-ins. But I don’t feel guilty about missing it as I feel that I’ve put in some good workouts earlier this week and all despite the yucky weather!

Plus, okay, on Saturday night I may have had one too many lychee martinis at a friend’s birthday dinner at Midori Teppanyaki. I have never been to a proper teppanyaki restaurant before and we had a great time sipping cocktails at the bar before sitting down to watch the teppanyaki chefs do their thing. There was a lot of fire and a lot of fun!

Midori Teppanyaki, fire, chefs, Perth, Northbridge

Fiyah, fiyah!

We each got to choose from three set menus. I opted for the Samurai Set with scallops and beef and it was delicious. My set came with a small salad as a starter, followed by scallops, salmon sushi, beef and some cucumber and sprout veggies and finally a delicious matcha green tea ice cream with little crunchy wafer flakes.

I love scallops and these were simply beautiful. I could have definitely eaten more than just three of them!

Midori Teppanyaki, Northbridge, Perth, scallops


All the girls at our table also ended up ordering several lychee martinis as the night went on. They were so yummy, I would come back to the restaurant just for the martinis alone!

Midori Teppanyaki, sushi, salmon, lychee martini, Perth, Northbridge


Midori Teppanyaki, Perth, Northbridge

We were also very impressed with the chef’s skills at writing messages on the iron griddle backwards with salt. Leonardo Da Vinci would have approved of his reverse handwriting skill!

Wishing all of you an awesome weekend! x

February 23rd to March 1st:

  • Monday: 3km run
  • Tuesday: Body Combat
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 40 minute treadmill run (5km) featuring hill and run/walk intervals
  • Friday: Body Pump and Body Balance
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Rest Day

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