Week in Training: February 16th to 22nd

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Whoops, this post is a little late! Still, better late than never, right?

Last week was a surprisingly good week for working out. I say ‘surprising’ because I’ve been feeling sluggish all week (plus a return of spring fever – aaargh, will this never leave me alone) and decided to just take it easy. I managed to fit in a few short runs plus one 6km outdoor run and a 40 minute treadmill run that included hill and speed intervals. I’ve been meaning to incorporate intervals (both hills and speed) into my running workouts for a while now and now that I’ve done it, it feels surprisingly good! I’m hoping to do incorporate more of these as time goes on – plus, it makes running on a treadmill (on days when it’s too hot or rainy to go outside) go by faster!

On Friday, I had to head out early to attend some workshops for the Perth Writer’s Festival so I did a quick modified version of a Kayla Itsines workout. It kind of looked something like this: First seven minutes – skip rope for a minute, 12 weighted step-ups on a chair, 12 weighted lunges and 15 jump squats; repeat until seven minutes is up. Second set of seven minutes: 15 weighted squat to overhead presses, 36 mountain climbers, 15 tricep dips and 1 minute plank; repeat until time is up. It made for a nice, quick, sweaty full body workout!

Finally, I capped off the weekend with a couple of gym classes – Body Combat and Body Pump! One thing I’m starting to find since I finished the Kayla Itsines program is how much I’ve missed working with weights – so much so that I actually looked forward to my Body Pump class which is usually not something that happens to me! Yes, I am finally becoming that thing they call ‘a weights fan!’

Finally, I’ve been flipping through some fitness mags a friend passed on to me after she was done with them – I haven’t looked at a magazine in ages, especially a fitness mag, and they sure did a lot to raise my mojo for working out! My favourite was an article in Women’s Fitness by Sarah Burks on lessons she learned from running a marathon. One thing she said that resonated with me was how training for a marathon taught her the importance of learning to commit to her decisions. That means if she decides she’s going to get up early the next morning for a long run, she’s sticking to it. There’s no, “Hmm, I’ll wait till I wake up tomorrow and see how I feel…” When reading this, I realised that this is something I’m guilty of, especially when it comes to the possibility of an early morning workout. I’d dawdle in the morning, waiting for my body to wake up, deciding I’d rather go back to sleep, then wake up about 10 minutes later feeling absolutely guilty. Instead, I just have to make a decision the night before to go with it and force myself out of bed the next day, mentally ready to workout! (By the way, this doesn’t just apply to exercise either, but to everything else in life. You have to commit if you want to succeed!)

February 16th to 22nd:

  • Monday: 3km run
  • Tuesday: 6km run
  • Wednesday: 2km run
  • Thursday: 40 minute treadmill run featuring hill and run/walk intervals (About 7km)
  • Friday: 14 minute plyometric workout.
  • Saturday: Body Combat
  • Sunday: Body Pump

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