Week in Training: December 1st to 14th:

Evening moon

As I pretty much foresaw earlier, December’s been so busy I haven’t managed to get in much exercise at all. In fact, I decided to call a halt on the Kayla Itsines BBG, even though I’m down to the last four weeks, and have a little break before resuming the BBG in the new year because I’d rather do it properly than not do it at all. So please keep checking in early next year for my complete review of the Kayla Itsines BBG 2.0!

In the meantime, it actually feels kind of good to be doing something else instead. Every now and then you have to change up or you’ll get bored! I’ve just been doing lots of running in the meantime as it’s the quickest way to keep fit without much fuss. In between our weekend away at Bunker Bay and last week, where I had a Christmas engagement nearly every day, there wasn’t much time to do anything else. The weather has been fantastic for working out as well. I’ve been loving my evening runs and who wouldn’t with a moon like that overhead?

This week, however, I’m going to try and get a workout in each day so I won’t be feeling too badly ahead of Christmas!

Also, in other BBG news, Kayla Itsines has just released updated versions of her BBG 1.0 Guide and HELP nutrition guide for Christmas! The updated versions are free for those who have already purchased her guides (you will get an e-mail sent to you with a download link for the new version).

HELP guide Kayla Itsines

I’m especially loving the new improved HELP guide. The first HELP guide had lots of informative guidelines on portion sizes and how to make a meal of various portion sizings of grains, carbs, fats and vegetables – however it didn’t have a lot of meal ideas and was pretty abstract about just what kind of meals you should be eating daily.

In the new improved HELP guide, Kayla has included a far more specific meal plan with recipes for all the meals you should be eating each day – I love that she’s got a lot more meal recipes rather just ‘for lunch, have one portion chicken with one portion vegetables and one serving of grains.’ I know for some people, that offers them a lot of flexibility and they can quite easily think up some fantastic meal idea out of that but for me, that just makes my mind go blank and I give up and just head out to buy a takeaway pasta dish or something! So I can’t wait to try out all the new meal recipes Kayla has in the new HELP guide – they look so yummy! I’m going to start this in the new year as well so stay tuned for a more comprehensive review of the HELP guide in the new year as well!

Oh, and one other thing – her new HELP guide has a far more improved look with more pretty pictures and an easier to follow format which I love!

December 1st to 7th:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Run 8km
  • Wednesday: Run 7km
  • Thursday: Run 3km, walk/run 3km
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: One-hour yoga class
  • Sunday: Rest

 December 8th to 14th:

  • Monday: Run 2km
  • Tuesday: Run 8km
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

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