Week in Training (December 15th to 21st)

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Last week was a week of gluttony for me with folks bringing lots of Christmas goodies to work to snack on and huge dinners with friends! To compensate for this, I decided to seriously up the cardio for this week. Since the weather has been so hot, I decided to hit the gym for some cardio classes like Body Combat and Body Attack. I haven’t been to these classes in ages and they gave me a complete full body workout and serious cardio session like nothing else! I’m super glad I did these classes because a) it was a good change that really challenged my body, i.e., kicked my butt and b) all that cardio really worked as a buffer against the nonstop snacking and munching that I’ve been doing!

Cxworx was another great class that only lasted half an hour but gave maximum benefits for the abs. Those planks that morphed into side planks and back into planks again killed me!

cxworx, gym, abs workout

Having a bottle of cold water straight from the fridge at the gym helped to keep me on track!

It seriously felt good to be doing some different exercises after being on the BBG for a while, though when I was running short on time on Friday (which was a super hot day, meaning yours truly did not feel like exercising one bit either), I snuck in two circuits of a BBG full body workout, just so I could say I worked up a sweat! Christmas is a busy time and it’s hard to get some exercise in, but as long as you work up a bit of a sweat each day, even if it’s only for 10 to 15 minutes, and even if it’s doing something simple like a quick power walk or some housework, it’s still better than just sitting on the couch! 🙂

December 15th to 21st:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Body Combat
  • Wednesday: 7.5km run/walk
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Half a Kayla Itsines Full Body Workout
  • Saturday: 3km run
  • Sunday: Cxworx and Body Attack

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