Week in Training (August 11th to 17th)

Swimming accessories - flippers and kickboard

Prep work and illnesses while training:

I’m a little bummed out because while this week started off nice and strong training-wise, it soon petered out to three days straight of no exercise because I came down with a really bad sore throat and a fever. Consequently, I spent Friday and Saturday mainly tossing and turning in my bed and swallowing mouthfuls of Panadeine and Vitamin C. It was a shame because the weather was really fantastic on both days and I couldn’t go out and enjoy it at all. Bummer! And I didn’t get in a long run on Saturday either which worries me because I really wanted to ahead of next week’s 12km for the City to Surf Race. So double bummer!

The only thing that cheers me up is because I’ve known I’ve put in so many weeks of training in running this year, I still feel capable of doing a 12km run next week even if I haven’t done much training in the last few weeks. I just won’t be as fast or as strong as I otherwise would be. So the moral of the story is – put in your practice and hard yards while you can because you never know when something will happen to interrupt your training later down the road – say, illness or bad weather or social/work commitments, whatever. At least, if anything happens to interrupt your training later on, you know you’ve at least got those earlier weeks of prep under your sleeve and you’ll be thankful for them!

Swimming progress:

Another good thing is while I haven’t done much running this week, I’ve at least managed to get in two long swimming practices. Now that I’ve increased my practice sessions, my backstroke is really coming along once more, so much so that I can almost say I feel super comfortable with it now, though freestyle still escapes me. I have an uncomfortable feeling that part of the reason why I fell sick was because I spent so much time choking in the water during my freestyle – so not fun at all. I can’t wait till I finally master this because I’m also a little worried that the reason I’ve been falling sick a lot more often than usual is because of all these swimming practices, especially when I’m practising freestyle and find myself choking and swallowing the water and ending up with stuffed and runny sinuses after (yuck!). Has anyone else who’s learned to swim as an adult felt the same way?

Swimming drills and swim equipment:

On another note, I’ve bit the bullet and decided I need to invest in my swimming the same way I do in my running. So I’ve pulled out the ol’ cash ‘n’ card and invested in a couple of flippers and a kick board. The lady selling it to me at the local pool asked if I wanted the kick board in pick. I was like, “Oh, hell, no, it’s bad enough that I’m going to look like a total wimp, struggling to swim at the pool, I’m going to need a nice strong colour to buoy me up!” So I picked blue instead and they had flippers in the same colour too. And they kinda match my swim bag. So now I’m unintentionally colour coordinated!

They’ve helped me heaps in these last two practices too. I’ve been using the flippers to keep me up and moving faster than usual up and down the pool while I practice my arm strokes and breathing pattern. But I also didn’t want my kick to get lazy while I’m using the flippers so what I’ve been doing is alternating using the flippers with using the kick board to do a few laps of kicking drills. So the pattern is kind of – arm stroke and breathing drills using flippers, followed by kicking drills using the kick board, followed by a couple of laps of freestyle with no equipment, then a couple of laps of backstroke, then one of the survival back stroke (as a little reward to myself because that’s the easiest and most relaxing stroke!) Then, if I’m feeling brave, I practice one or two laps of the breast stroke. Then I do it all over again. I find adding drills has really helped in my swimming!

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide Workout:

As for Kayla Itsines’ BBG, I’m just going to re-do Week 10 next week as, due to my illness, I haven’t been able to complete the last workout session. This week was pretty tough so I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting another chance at it next week. Here’s hoping I make a full recovery in time for next week!

August 11th to 17th:
Monday: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workout Week 10 (Legs) plus 2km run
Tuesday: 45 minute swim
Wednesday: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workout Week 10 plus swim
Thursday: 40 minute swim
Friday: Rest Day (sick day!)
Saturday: Rest Day (sick day!)
Sunday: Rest Day (sick day!)


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