We Need Diverse Books Campaign

We Need Diverse Books

Have you guys checked out the We Need Diverse Books campaign over the weekend yet? It is one of the best and most important campaigns I’ve seen in a while!

Everyone’s submissions have been wonderful and amazing. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, some will totally uplift you, and all of them will ring true. Some of the standout ones that have been especially gut wrenching for me include the one that says “We need diverse books because the one African American student in my 3-year-old ballet class shouldn’t think she can’t be a ballerina because there were no dancers that looked like her in the ‘ballerina book’ (AKA the ballet dictionary)” and another one which says “We need diverse books because I’ve written stories for most of my life, but until a few years ago, I thought it was normal to make girls who look like me the sidekicks. Now I know that we can be heroes!”

And she’s right. We can all be heroes because we are the heroes of our stories!

Check out the submissions here at the We Need Diverse Books tumblr page, and also here for guidelines on how to participate. The campaign is meant to run from May 1 to May 3rd, but the people behind this campaign say they will continue to run the campaign and put up submissions for as long as people continue to contribute, no matter how late.

Once more, big kudos to the folks behind the We Need Diverse Books campaign!



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