Travel Journal – Rome, Day One

Rome at Night 1

After such a long, peaceful stay in the serene Norwegian countryside, it was a bit of a shock to hit the bustle of Rome!

After a particularly long wait at the baggage carousel, we stumbled out to be greeted by a driver sent by our hotel who welcomed us to Rome and drove us through the city’s evening traffic and past the Vatican to our hotel, Cola Vatican Rooms.

We had to get buzzed through a gate into a small courtyard and through another door up an old-fashioned tiny elevator (it took a couple of trips to get our luggage up). The woman who greeted us was lovely and made us feel really at home, and our room was large and spacious with a huge bed and air-conditioning – something we really welcomed in the summer heat of Rome!

We were eager to have some authentic Italian pasta for dinner and went straight out to grab some dinner. The weather was lovely so we decided to walk down to the Tiber River and to the Campo dei Fiori where there are lots of restaurants and bars.

On the way, we saw St Peter’s Basilica lit up for the night, Castel Sant’ Angelo and the Palace of Justice which housed the law courts and looked pretty damn fancy!

Rome at Night

Rome at Night 2

Rome at Night 3

We planned on following the bridge down to Campo de Fiori but we got a bit lost walking along the bridge and ended up hailing a taxi to take us there. You could tell the square catered mainly to tourists with many of the restaurants putting up signboards boasting of Trip Advisor rankings and free wifi and featuring menus in both Italian and English. We picked a restaurant, sat down at one of their alfresco tables and set about ordering our first meal in Italy.

I opted to try a type of pasta I had never had, trofie, which is a small twisted pasta from Genova, and served with pesto sauce, my favourite!

We also shared a huge pitcher of mojito with a bunch of long colourful straws sticking out of it!

Giant mojito

After our meal, we bar hopped all around the Campo de Fiori, sippin’ drinks and snacking on the potato chips they keep setting out before us (yum, yum) till we were ready to hail a cab back to our hotel for some much needed zzzs!


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