Travel Journal – Rome, Day Five

I just realised the title of the post and the one before this really shouldn’t have Rome in the heading as we’re actually outside of Rome!

Today we drove out of Civitavecchia and up the SS1 highway till we reached Orbetello.

Orbetello is another town recommended to us by J’s Italian workmate. We didn’t actually stop in the town itself (except to ask for directions) but went on along a bridge built out across the sea to Monte Argentario promontory.

The promontory is like a small island on which we could drive around quite easily and has two small towns, Porto Ecole and Porto Santo Stefano. The towns consisted of many beautiful little Mediterranean-style houses built along the mountainside overlooking the sea and we were enchanted right away.

Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano Harbour

We stopped first at Porto Santo Stefano where we had lunch in one of the many alfresco restaurant areas overlooking the harbour.

Bar Guilia Cafeteria

Porto Santo Stefano flowers

Porto Santo Stefano harbour 1

After lunch, we took a walk along the harbour, taking pictures of the view before heading back to our car.

We then drove on around the island until we came to a sheltered strip of beach where some older Italians were sunning themselves. Although the water was a little cold and the ground a little rocky, we spent some time taking a dip in the Mediterranean and sitting on the rocks in the sun.

Mediterranean Sea

Check out the amazing blue colour of the ocean!

Monte Argentario promontory

After we had our dip, we drove on to the other side of the island where the town of Porto Ecole was situated.

Monte Argentario hillside and rooftops

Porto Ecole

The town was just as beautiful as its sister town on the other side.

Porto Ercole harbour

Check out the island shaped like a turtle!

Turtle shaped island in Mediterranean

We also stopped to take pictures of this fortress/castle above.

Fortezza Spagnola

The afternoon was growing late as we rounded the island and It was time to head back to Civitavecchia. Now that we knew the route, the trip back was a lot quicker and we got back in town in time for some more aperitivos before heading to another little restaurant recommended to us by a friendly South American waitress at one of the bars we had been drinking at.

The trattoria was a tiny, narrow restaurant but it was packed! Our waiter was a lovely, friendly old man who recommended a few seafood pasta dishes and also gave me a complimentary digestif (I’m not exactly sure what liquor it was) to go with my dessert. I don’t know if it really helped me digest anything, though, we just ate way too much!


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