Travel Journal – Norway, Day Two (The Atlantic Ocean Road!)

The next morning, after breakfast, J and I went for a walk around the town of Alesund.

Alesund fjord

Our hotel was situated next to an incredible fjord, one of many we would be seeing over the next few days!

Alesund Ferry

We also saw the first of numerous cruise ships we would be seeing along our trip. Norway is quite the destination for cruise ships!

When we got back to the hotel, J and I got our bags together and took a taxi to our car hire company where we collected our pre-booked car – a hybrid Prius equipped with a navigation system that we proceeded to nickname Helga!

Josh driving

We were then ready to begin our road trip through Norway! Note J’s car ready face 😉 he definitely takes his role as driver seriously.

Fjord 1

I, on the other hand, took my role as photographer very seriously and I couldn’t stop snapping away at the incredibly scenery we passed. Look at how amazingly blue these fjords are! The water looks so clean and pure, you almost feel as if you could bathe your soul in it.

Fjord 2

Fjord 3

Fjord 4

The mountains were also incredible. Tall and looming, these grim giant stone guardians of the countryside provided the perfect contrast to the fjords, with their craggy tops hinting at the promise of snow and glaciers.

Second mountain

But let’s not forget the countryside with these adorable quaint houses and barns with their bright painted walls and roofs. Some of the barns had roofs with grass and flowers growing on them, like a miniature roof garden, which I loved. It almost felt as if we had stepped back into another time and I almost expected to see Norwegian milkmaids in gingham dresses and people driving carriages.

Norwegian countryside

Norwegian Barn

We also saw the first of the many tunnels we would have to traverse through our road trip! Norway is filled with road tunnels leading through mountains that we otherwise couldn’t get past.

First tunnel

This one above is just a small tunnel under a bridge compared to many of the others going through huge mountainsides. We joked about having to pay a fee to the trolls that must be guarding these tunnels/bridges.

We also took the first of the many car ferries we would have to get on to cross the fjords in Norway.

Norwegian Car Ferry

The ferries were reasonably priced and it didn’t usually take us long to make a ferry crossing.

Our first ferry crossing took us straight to the city of Molde which is our first stop along our road trip! Molde is a pretty mid-sized town known as the city of roses and jazz – how pretty is that? Unfortunately, it was late summer so we had missed the season for jazz concerts and roses both, but that didn’t take away from our enjoyment of the place. Our hotel, the Molde Fjordstuer, was one of many hotels located along the water and looked amazing, as you can see from the pictures below.

Molde Hotel

Molde Hotel wharf

After checking in and dropping off our luggage, we got straight back into the car and headed off to the Atlantic Ocean Road!

We had a little trouble getting Helga, our GPS (yes, we nicknamed her Helga!), to find the Atlantic Ocean Road and so had to settle for naming a village close by the road instead.

The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the main reasons we decided to visit Norway on this trip. It’s a section of Norway’s County Road 64 that runs over the Norwegian Sea, connecting several small islands and skerries.

Right away, we were amazed by the twists and turns the road took. It almost resembled a roller coaster with the curls and bends and some arches which looked as if they were about to drop right off into nothing!

Atlantic Ocean Road

Atlantic Ocean Road 1

Atlantic Ocean Road 2

Atlantic Ocean Road 3

Atlantic OCean Road Curve

There was a cute little house on the rocks that I couldn’t resist taking a picture of. For some reason, it makes me think of the movie The Shipping News. I imagine that the little islands and skerries along the Atlantic Ocean Road would experience the same wild weather, gray skies, mysterious fogs and salty ocean sprays upon rocks that featured in the movie though they are set in two different countries. I couldn’t help wondering who lived in that house and why they would live out here in such a lonely place. But then they would have the best views at their doorstep!

Atlantic Ocean Road House

The views along the road were spectacular. I couldn’t get over the wilderness of the sea and the rocks set against the backdrop of the huge sky.

Atlantic Ocean Road Rocks

Atlantic Ocean Road rocks 1

Atlantic Ocean Road Rocks 2

We stopped the car at a few points and had fun climbing over the rocks and checking out the sea. I was picking my way very carefully from rock to rock but J was skipping nimbly like a mountain goat.

Atlantic Ocean Road rocks 3

Atlantic Ocean road rocks 4

Atlantic Ocean Road rocks 5

The route to and from the Atlantic Ocean Road was also incredibly scenic though Helga had a tendency to lead us onto roads which were so narrow we couldn’t believe they were two-way roads. Signs along the roads showed they clearly were, but each time a car came hurtling down the opposite way, we almost ended up on the side of the road to avoid an accident!

After the Atlantic Ocean Road, we drove back to the hotel where J had a nap while I chatted with some friends on Watsapp (best device ever for keeping in touch with friends while on holiday!).

That evening, we took a stroll through the town and had a few drinks and some bread and cheese at the Syd Wine Bar by the wharf.

After drinks and appetizers at Syd, we moved on to the Vertshuset for dinner. J opted for the skate wing which intrigued us as we have never heard of it before while I asked to try the reindeer! Unfortunately, they had run out of reindeer so the waiter suggested the deer option for me which he said was similar to reindeer. It was tender and served in a pink sauce with asparagus, mushrooms, glazed nuts and a massive side of dauphinoise potatoes. We were also served rye bread with butter as an appetizer and had some red wine to wash it all down with.

Our meals were staggeringly huge and we were glad of the walk back to the hotel from the restaurant after our dinner!


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