Travel Journal – Norway, Day Three (Hornindal)

We finally arrived at our next destination for the night. We weren’t quite sure what to expect in Hornindal – it was a lot smaller than the other towns we had so far stayed in during our Norway trip. Hornindal wasn’t so much a town as a main road going through a few hotels and a couple of stores and several houses.

We arrived at the Best Western Raftevold Hotel in Hornindal to find the place filled with senior citizens – tourists fresh off a bus. Apparently, cruise ships would drop these busloads of tourists off to make a quick tour of the hotel each day. We soon saw why the hotel was popular with these day visits – our hotel is apparently situated on the shore of Hornindalsvatnet, Europe’s deepest lake at 514 metres (and apparently rumoured to harbour a secret lake monster akin to Nessie within its depths!)

Hornindal Lake

They even had the sign in the front of the hotel to prove it (the depth, not the monster).

Lake Hornindal sign

The hotel had some cute decorative touches that made me laugh like these troll signs.

Hornindal Hotel - Troll

Hornindal Hotel - Troll Sign

And this cool reindeer’s head. He doesn’t look happy to be stuck up there –  but then again, would you?

Hornindal Hotel - Reindeer

When we first arrived, as I mentioned before, the hotel was filled with visiting cruise ship tourists and the reception desk was empty. We had to wait for quite a while before we could find someone to help us but were pleasantly surprised when the receptionist informed us that he had upgraded to a room with a view of the lake! That was definitely worth the wait!

Hornindal Hotel - Room with a View

You can tell it’s a deluxe room when it comes with a super plush purple arm chair!

Plush Arm Chair

After dragging our luggage up to our room, J quickly dropped off to sleep, exhausted from all the driving as he’s assumed all driver duties through our trip. (I had offered to drive too but J soon decided I was driving too close to the right and took the wheel back from me. I thought this was a little unfair because I’ve noticed J driving a little too close to the right as well but got told off whenever I tried to object. Whatever – this way, I got to take more pictures and enjoy the scenery!) However, kudos must go to those who deserve it and J did a great job steering us through Norway.

While he was sleeping, I took a walk through Hornindal to stretch my legs.

Hornindal House

As I said, Hornindal was pretty small and I could only walk so far along the stretch of road though I did come across some neat houses like the one above.

I also found the local museum. It was closed but there were some interesting statues outside which I think must represent traditional fairytales or folktales.

Hornindal Museum

Hornindal Museum Statue

Hornindal Statue

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos above – I took them with my iPhone in the dusk!

Dinner that night was at the hotel’s restaurant and it was a buffet. One thing I am thrilled with is to find delicious fresh smoked salmon in large quantities at every meal we’ve had in Norway. They serve it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I can’t get enough of it!


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