Travel Journal – Norway, Day One

After a not-so-fun flight across the ocean (I don’t think either of us would ever fly American Airlines again!) we were relieved to finally arrive in Oslo, Norway!

Alesund Buildings

From the very beginning, I was struck by the beauty of the airport. I’ve always enjoyed Malaysia’s KLIA and Singapore’s Changi Airport which are both ultra modern and filled with lots of shops and restaurants in which to enjoy while you’re waiting for a flight. Oslo has taken a different approach, however, choosing to showcase the country’s wood carving traditions and contemporary architecture when designing its airport. The moment we walked off the plane and into the airport, it felt as if we were at some trendy winter resort with lots of beautifully wood panelling and glass windows. I wish I had whipped out my camera and taken a few snaps then.

And the airport was clean. Like, really clean. The bathrooms, for example. Even the best airports I’ve been to haven’t been able to boast very clean restrooms. I guess it’s not really their fault as it must be hard trying to keep on top of the hundreds of travellers using the rest rooms 24/7 every day. And maybe it was because we had arrived really early in the morning but Oslo’s restrooms looked practically brand new to me. As if no one had ever used them. And the doors were automatic so they swung open the moment I approached them! That’s a definite plus for me!

We had to wait a few hours for our next flight (we were taking another plane straight from Oslo to Alesund). J spent some time napping while I read a book and snacked on a fresh baguette from Upper Crust. Apparently Upper Crust is a British-based chain that specialises in opening restaurants along commuter routes. We really appreciated having something fresh and healthy to eat at an airport where you usually don’t get many healthy choices!

It was cold when we got to Alesund – a big change from the heat of New York’s last summer days! Right away, I was charmed by the town’s gorgeous architecture. Apparently the reason for this is most of the town was burnt in a huge fire in 1904 and so all the houses were then rebuilt in the then-contemporary Art Nouveau style.

Alesund Street

Alesund Buildings 1

We were so tired that upon checking in at Radisson Blu Hotel in Alesund, we skipped dinner and had an early night in.


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