Travel Journal – New York, Day Six

We woke up late this morning before heading over to the ABC Kitchen for lunch! I was excited to try some of chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s yummy organic dishes after hearing so much about the ABC Kitchen – and also after reading a brief mention of Vongerichten in my current holiday book, the delicious Yes, Chef: A Memoir by Harlem Rooster owner and chef Marcus Samuelsson. (coincidentally, I later found out that Jean-Georges Vongerichten is also behind the Spice Market which we visited for dinner last night.)

The food didn’t disappoint – I loved my crispy shrimp entrée served with romaine, market vegetables and a carrot-sesame vinaigrette with a fresh pressed beet and carrot juice and made sure I had enough room left for ABC Kitchen’s much-raved-about salted caramel sundae with candied peanuts and popcorn.


After we were done with lunch, we took the subway to the Museum of Natural History.

Museum of Natural History Sign

I had to say, after watching the Ben Stiller movie and various other books and shows that featured the Museum, it didn’t quite meet our high hopes (some of the exhibitions like the Human Origins and Cultural Halls were interesting but in need of a good dusting), but we did enjoy looking at those crazy cool dioramas of animals in the wild.

Museum of Natural History - Giant Elk

Museum of Natural History - Bison

We also checked out the temporary Whales: Giants of the Deep exhibition. The life-sized model of the blue whale was pretty damn cool.

Museum of Natural History Whale Room

Naturally, the  Dinosaur Floor was the main highlight.

Museum of Natural History - Triceratops

Museum of Natural History - T-Rex

Museum of Natural History Long Neck (2)

This happy guy above, that totally resembles a giant long-necked turtle, was my favourite.

We were hungry after the Museum of Natural History so we grabbed a couple of slices at Joe’s Pizza (highly recommended by our awesome AirBnB host, Elle) on our way back to our apartment.

Neighbourhood - Joe's Pizza

We also wandered around our neighborhood a little. We will miss this super-cool, funky place!

Neighbourhood - Carmine Street

Neighbourhood - Non Imperialist Books

Later on, we people-watched and munched on sushi at Samba Sushi, a fun Japanese-Brazilian restaurant, followed by drinks at the Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar that I’ve been dying to try since I spotted the building just down the block from our apartment (wine and chocolate, come on, how could that not be a perfect pairing?) – I had a yummy chocolate raspberry martini with a truffle chocolate on the side and it was the perfect end to the night!

{Market benchtop picture sourced from the ABC Kitchen}

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