Travel Journal – New York, Day Seven

We started off Day Seven with a Sex and the City Tour – a birthday present given by a friend of mine. Due to time constraints – so much to do in New York and so little time to do it all! – we hung around long enough to check out the interior of the Buddakan  where Carrie and Big held their engagement party (we were hoping to have dinner at Buddakan while in New York but unfortunately they were fully booked) before leaving the tour early to get some much-needed errands done before we were due to leave New York.

We ducked out when the tour bus reached Magnolia Bakery as we had already sampled cakes at the bakery and it wasn’t far from our apartment.

Magnolia Bakery Exterior

One thing I must say is that the tour was rather fun and I was sorry to have to leave it early. Our tour guide was fun and energetic and showed us several of the sights at which Sex and the City scenes were filmed as well as relating some interesting details about the city itself. Some of the places we stopped off before we left included the Pleasure Chest sex shop and Two Boots pizzeria. The tour also provided goodies like complimentary cupcakes and a stop off at iconic beauty store Fresh which provided discounts for the tour group members.

After our errands were done, J and I headed over to Century 21 for a hectic whirlwind shopping trip before finishing the day off at the Top of the Standard for some wine as we watched the sun set over the river.

The Standard - View

The Standard - Bottle

The Standard



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