Travel Journal – Day Six, Norway

Today marks our last full day in Norway! After packing our bags and eating a quick breakfast, we checked out of our hotel at Gudvangen and started off on our last leg of the trip.

Bergen City Scene

It was only a short trip of about two hours before we reached the city of Bergen. It was a little startling being back in civilisation after our long drive through the countryside this week but Bergen was a beautiful little city that we enjoyed strolling through after we had dropped off our Prius at the car hire centre.

Bergen Wharf

We had plans to take the funicular or the tram up the mountains but the rain that afternoon sent us to a bar for some drinks instead. The rain also kept us from touring the food market which was set up before the Bryggen, a row of heritage-listed pretty wharf side buildings near our hotel, though J did stop to grab a waffle as a snack. The rain also prevented us from going too far afield for dinner so we settled instead for a quick meal at a nearby restaurant overlooking the river.

Cafe Maz pose

Cafe Josh Pose

Practising our ‘contemplative poses’ in a cafe in Bergen!

Josh Face!

Or maybe not so pensive! 🙂

The next morning, we woke up and packed our bags before grabbing breakfast at the hotel restaurant. We made sure to fill our plates with lots of smoked salmon as it would be our last chance to sample fresh Norwegian salmon! Then it was a matter of getting our luggage onto the airport bus and before we knew it, we were saying ‘ha det bra, Norway’ and ‘Ciao, Italia!’

Norway Collage


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