Travel Journal: Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay 1

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m so sorry about that! As I’ve foreseen, December is going to be a super busy month for me and all my schedules are going right out of the window but I will still try to post as regularly as I can so please keep checking in for updates!

One of the reasons why I haven’t posted much is because I’ve been away… to Bunker Bay! It was a little belated birthday gift to J this year and I was looking forward to it because I’ve felt like I needed a little leisurely break from work and everything else. Plus, we’ve heard so many good things about Bunker Bay! It’s amazing that in the 10 years or so I’ve been living in Western Australia, I’ve only taken two trips down south and the second one was just this year. Well, now I’ve made a third trip this December and I have to wonder why I didn’t go more often – it’s such a great weekend getaway!

You’ll be hearing more about my trip over the next few days as I go over the pictures from my trip and turn them into posts so this week will be more likely about travel and how gorgeous the south west region of WA is.

On Friday, we drove down from Perth to Bunker Bay which is about a good three hours’ drive away near the tip of Cape Naturaliste. Since it was J’s birthday, I decided to pull out all the stops and booked us in at the five-star Pullman Resort in Bunker Bay for the weekend.

The Pullman Resort did not disappoint! We arrived mid-afternoon and checked into our studio villa right away. The villas are located along a low slope heading down to the beach and you can see the ocean in the distance as you walk towards your villa. We were also located conveniently near the infinity pool which the dining terrace and restaurants overlook which was pretty handy!

Bunker Bay Studio Villa

Bunker Bay Hotel Studio Villa Terrace

There was plenty of native Australia scrub – we even had a shy neighbourhood gecko hiding in the bush outside as well as lots of birds dipping and diving around the trees outside our private patio. I also have to commend Pullman Resort for the way they structured their villas along the slope of the hill – though the villas were built quite closely to one another, they were arranged in a way with the bushes so that you had a certain amount of privacy, something which some hotels with villas sometimes forget about. It’s not nice, for example, to be taking a dip in your private mini pool at a hotel resort only to look up and see a few construction workers or local kids staring through the gate at a certain five-star resort in Phuket!

After dumping our bags at our villa, we decided to take advantage of the bar for a couple of drinks and a late lunch. As we walked to the tapas restaurant, we realised there was one particular drawback to visiting Bunker Bay at this time of the year – the flies that were everywhere! We were constantly waving our hands in the air, shooing the flies away and it was particularly annoying if we wanted to have a drink on the terrace with the gorgeous view; in the end, the flies pretty much drove us indoors. As one Irish tourist remarked, “They told us everything about how gorgeous this place was, but the one thing they didn’t mention was the flies!”

Flies aside, the view from the terrace over the pool was gorgeous. If this could be our view every morning – minus the flies – I would be perfectly happy!

Bunker Bay Hotel Pool

We decided to take it easy this Friday and after our late lunch, we took a quick dip in the infinity pool. However, the weather was rather cool and cloudy that afternoon so we instead headed back to the our villa to soak in the enormous tub in our bathroom and a quick nap before we headed to the hotel restaurant, rather romantically named The Other Side of the Moon, for dinner before crashing early for the night.

Stay tuned for more on our trip coming soon!


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