Travel Journal: Bunker Bay, Day Two

Smiths Beach coast

I started off my first day at Bunker Bay by taking advantage of the free weekend yoga class at 8 o’clock while J snoozed happily in bed! I hesitated a little between signing up for the class and sleeping in but decided I would have Sunday and Monday to sleep in instead. And besides the sun rises so early now that it’s summer that I found myself wide awake and raring to go at 7.30 in the morning – a pretty unusual occurrence for me!

The class was taught by an instructor from the Samudra Yoga Studio in the nearby town of Dunsborough. There were only three of us at the class, one other couple and me. The instructor, Anna, was a lovely woman and an awesome yoga teacher. She kept up a running stream of information about each pose and, as we were all more or less beginners, she gave us a terrific and very instructive introduction to yoga, including how to place our hands and feet so that our weight would always be equally distributed on the ground and how to stand tall and activate our abdomen muscles naturally just by standing with our feet hip width apart with our weight mainly focused on the heels of our feet. For the first time in my life, I was instructed on how to do the downward dog pose correctly – I had always felt I had never quite got this one, as simple as it was! The trick, I learned, was to keep our wrists sloping away from our hands and our weight distributed equally on the lower palms of our hands and the back of our heels. It was a lot harder than it looked but we definitely felt the benefits! I came away from the yoga class with a greater interest in learning more about yoga than I ever had before and definitely feeling much more relaxed after yesterday’s day of driving.

I came bounding back from my yoga class full of energy and woke J up so we could grab some breakfast at the hotel before heading out for a full day of activities! The day was bright and sunny after yesterday’s cloudiness and we decided to head to J’s favourite spot, the Canal Rocks. First, though, we stopped by Yallingup Beach along the way.

Yallingup Beach

Yallingup Beach 2

There were plenty of surfers and swimmers out at the beach but we didn’t stay long, merely lingering a little at the lookout points before moving on to Canal Rocks.

Canal Rocks, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Western Australia, Bunker Bay

Canal Rocks, as mentioned earlier, is one of J’s favourite places and is fast becoming one of mine in WA as well! I love the wild beauty and natural formation of these ancient rocks, though I have to admit I’m not the best climber when it comes to getting over these rocks!

Canal Rocks, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Western Australia, Bunker Bay Canal Rocks, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Western Australia, Bunker Bay

The last time we were here was in winter and the waves were huge and wild as they beat against the rocks. It was a truly spectacular sight and though it’s now summer and the waves are much calmer, that didn’t detract from their beauty at all. The water here is something else, with its deep aquamarine colours that are oh-so-inviting on a hot sunny day.

Canal Rocks, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Western Australia, Bunker Bay

One other plus about visiting the South West in the summer are the beautiful wildflowers. We saw gorgeous lavender, pink, yellow and white wildflowers dotting the coast everywhere we went this weekend and they were simply stunning.


Canal Rocks, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Western Australia, Bunker Bay, wildflowers

Wildflowers coast, down south, Smiths Beach, Bunker Bay, Dunsborough, Margaret River

After Canal Rocks, we drove along the coast a little before heading inland in search of some wineries and lunch. Our first stop – the Duckstein Brewery!

Duckstein Brewery, Margaret River, holiday, wiinery Duckstein Brewery, Margaret River, holiday, wiinery

J, being the architect he is, commented as we walked in that the Duckstein Brewery in Margaret River has received a couple of awards for its architecture and it’s no wonder as we paused to admire its feature wall and koi ponds, beautiful jarrah wood panelling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. It’s definitely a notch up from its simpler sister in the Swan Valley!

The brewery was packed for a Saturday afternoon and we soon found ourselves a table outside in the sunshine and whiled away the afternoon with a few pints of beer and some potato skins.

Duckstein Brewery 2

We might have stayed a little too long as we got rather sunburned by the end of the day! J turned pink and white and I pretty much turned red and brown!

Duckstein Brewery, Margaret River, holiday, winery, horse Duckstein Brewery, Margaret River, holiday, wiinery

And yes, at the end of it, we were immature enough to have a giggle at the detailed carving of the horse outside the brewery, including… horse sphincter!

Horse Sphincter

We’re only a little ashamed of ourselves. Just a little.

After the Duckstein, we went on to try a few wineries. First, we stopped by Cullen Wines and sampled a couple of wines before purchasing a sauvignon blanc to try back in our hotel.

Cullen Winery

The afternoon was growing late by then and we just had enough time to head over to Burch Family Wines, another winery and cellar door renown for its sleek, stylish architectural features. My favourite aspect of it, however, are the front doors framed by the colourful foliage of the trees.

Burch Winery, architecture, wine estate, Margaret River, down south Burch Winery, architecture, beauty, down south, Western Australia

We were hoping to purchase some local cheeses to sample with our wine back at the hotel but unfortunately we were too late as it was five in the afternoon by then and most of the cheese factories had shut their doors. So instead we drove back to the hotel and took our Cullen sauvignon blanc down to the beach with us to watch the sunset.

Bunker Bay Beach Bunker Bay Beach 5 Bunker Bay Beach 3 Bunker Bay Beach 2

I was a little tired and initially reluctant to head down to the beach, wanting instead to chill out at our villa. However, when we got down to the beach, I was glad we had come. I loved the smooth, white sands of the beach, as soft as powder and cool between our fingers and toes as we sat down to watch the sun set. The evening colours were a lovely soothing pale blue touched with rose pink and gold and the sound of the sea was soothing as we sipped our wine and relaxed. Later, there would be a full moon over the sea and we would go in to dinner but at that moment, it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Bunker Bay Beach 4 Wine Glass


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