Travel Journal: Bunker Bay, Day Four

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Day four marked the final day of our (way too) short stay at Bunker Bay. We had plans to skip breakfast and instead hit the beaches once last time before check-out time at 11am but when we woke up, the weather was a little cloudy and incredibly windy so we decided to forego the beach and drop by Sugarloaf Rock to check out the view. How cute is the name Sugarloaf Rock? It makes me think of the bread-and-butterfly in Through the Looking Glass!

Sugarloaf Rock, Dunsborough, Yallingup,, Margaret River, Western Australia, down south

Sugarloaf Rock, Dunsborough, Yallingup,, Margaret River, Western Australia, down south

Though the views were incredible, it was so windy, I had a hard time taking pictures while trying not to expose myself in my summer dress! So I didn’t actually get to take that many pictures. It was chilly too and J was nagging at me to get back in the car as he really hates the cold.

What struck me most about the area surrounding Sugarloaf Rock was the greenery of the countryside just off the coast. It was so green! West Australian plants tend to be dry, scrubby desert bush and not very pretty at all but standing at Sugarloaf Rock with the wind whipping back my hair and dress, inhaling the salty tang of the sea and looking over the lush green bushes and wildflowers, I was reminded of wild moorland covered with heather and gorse. It was simply beautiful, and what with the wind tearing at us, I ended up taking more pictures of the countryside and completely forgot about Sugarloaf Rock itself!

Sugarloaf Rock, Dunsborough, Yallingup,, Margaret River, Western Australia, down south

Before we headed back to the city, we stopped by Pukara Estate because I wanted to buy a couple of bottles of their truffle oil, for my sister and for myself. Their truffle oil is to die for and a few drops added to any dish makes it taste so good and, well, so truffle-y.

The estate itself was a charming little house with purple and white hydrangeas out the front and I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

Pukara Estate, Margaret River

After Pukara, we decided to drive over to Knee Deep Winery for some lunch before heading back to the city. We had already been to Knee Deep once with some friends earlier this year and I thought at first we should try another winery but in the end we settled for Knee Deep and I was so glad we did.

Knee Deep Winery

Remember when I said I was highly disappointed by the food at Caves House? Well, Knee Deep was everything Caves House isn’t. Each meal was so beautifully presented and so incredibly delicious, we were in food heaven! If there is one place we’d go back to each time we went down south, I think it would definitely have to be Knee Deep.

At the end of our meal, it was time to get back into our car and head back to the city. We had an amazing time and we would definitely come back again!


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