Travel Journal – Buenos Aires, Argentina

25 - Graffitti Wall, Buenos Aires

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a travel journal entry and I wanted to share some more of my snapshots of Buenos Aires. Snaps like this bright and colourful graffiti wall in the picture above!

Below is the outer wall of the Recoleta Cemetery. I know it sounds morbid, but the cemetery is actually a tourist destination well known for its architecture and as the resting place of many famous Argentinians, including Eva Peron.  Unfortunately, both times we tried to visit the cemetery, it was closed or about to close so we couldn’t get in!

27 - Recoleta Cemetery Wall

28 - Recoleta Chapel

However, to make up for it, there was a market not far from the cemetery as well as plenty of beautiful urban green spaces. The weather was pretty warm while we were in Buenos Aires so it was always a relief to chill out in a cool green park.

29 - Recoleta Greenery

30 - Recoleta Urban Greenery in the City

Images like these white elegant buildings rising above the greenery of Buenos Aires always remind me of Madrid in Spain.

31 - Recoleta Greenery and Cool Buildings

I don’t know what the name of this pedestrian bridge is, but it caught my eye with its vibrant pink colour and its design. It looks like a coil of a jelly roll cake!

32 - Cool Bridge

Another thing I loved about Buenos Aires is its number of small bookstores crammed full of old books and manuscripts. You hardly ever find bookstores like these anymore these days and coming across places like these is such a treasure. We couldn’t resist buying up some old sketches and illustrations.

23 - Old antique bookstore

24 - old antique manuscripts

22 - Old Bookstore

Speaking of which, how retro and cool are these Corn Flake packages that we saw at a Buenos Aires grocery store?

26 - Cornflakes retro packaging

Coming up soon – a post on Iguazu Falls!


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