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Late last year, I posted about having a Fitbit and how it had a great impact on me, fitness-wise. It helped pull me out of my fitness slump of last year and got me moving again just so I could hit 10,000 steps every day. At first, I started slow, just going on walks, but I got impatient with walking and soon started running again. That was when I started to enjoy running once more and before I knew it, I was surfing the ‘net, looking at my favourite fitness blogs and scanning their running posts. Through the Peanut Butter Fingers website, I randomly clicked on Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Plans to have a look at how hard a half-marathon training plan would be.

My first thought was, hmmm, this doesn’t look too bad. I converted the runs from miles to km and figured that the first week would involve two 5km short runs plus a 7km long run and two days of cross-training. The second week involved two short runs (5km and 6km respectively) and a 6.5km long run. The long runs were shorter than what I’m used to; the only problem was that my long run of the week was also my only run of the week and I usually spent the rest of my time in fitness classes. But I’ve been getting a little unmotivated by my classes and my interest in running was growing once more so I decided to go with what my body wanted most and give the half-marathon training a go.

I didn’t tell anyone when I first started training. I calculated and figured if I did the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half-Marathon Training Plan, I would be able to do the 12 weeks ahead of the race I was planning for in late May, plus several extra weeks thrown in to give me some extra training time or extra time in case I got injured or sick.

Side note: nLater on, I found the race I wanted to go in for, the HBF Run for a Reason, actually didn’t have a half-marathon option, just 14km and 4km options, so I started looking for another half-marathon that occurred around the same time. I had trouble finding a new one that would suit me – there are a few which occur in early June/late April but they’re located in towns a few hours away from where I am so I would have to either do an early drive or stay overnight in a strange town, and there’s one in Perth itself but that doesn’t occur until July which is quite some time off so I’m going to mull over my options and see what comes up. And then I started getting carried away and thinking maybe I should also try for the City to Surf full marathon later in the year, thereby accomplishing two fitness goals in one year, a full marathon and a half marathon, and savoring the sweet success of being able to run a marathon before I hit 30, or, to be more accurate, run a full marathon on the very day I turn 30! Now that would be a sweet birthday present to myself!

But I was getting ahead of myself there, as I’m sure you can tell! I decided to concentrate first on doing a half marathon and see how I feel about running a full marathon later on in the year. One goal at a time or else I’m going to get overwhelmed and bite off more than I can chew!

I’m in my ninth week of training this week and have so far been uum-ing and ahh-ing about whether I should blog about my training. I guess I was a little afraid as a half-marathon/full-marathon are big commitments and if I didn’t see it through, the less people who knew about it, the better! But I figured, if I blogged about this in the public sphere, I’d have more accountability and more motivation to stick to the plan as I have to account for it week by week!

In my next post, I’ll blog about what my training has been so far. Wish me luck! 🙂


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