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I’ve been working on my new writing project since the end of last year – and actually got a good bit of it polished off during NaNowriMo. Though I had a good idea of the premise and plot, I wasn’t exactly loving it though… there was just something that was missing, some indefinable spark. It was the voice of the story, the tone that carried the plot and the characters and everything that made you want to care about the story. And somehow it just wasn’t there. 

I was trying not to worry too much about it but just concentrated on getting the story done, knowing I could add the layers later on, hoping the spark would soon find its way to me. As they say, the muse won’t come to the waiting writer but to the working writer.

And this week I’m happy to say it has finally come.

This week I finally found the voice I was looking for in this story – a strong, bold voice that would bring through the true essence and quality of the tale I wanted to tell. I can’t tell you how relieved and happy I was! And now I have a clearer idea of where my story is going, the world my characters live in and the way they live. I’m going to have rewrite a large part of the story now but I’m looking forward to this because I finally know what spark it is that ignites these words.

Part of this involves reading Moby Dick for the very first time while I’m writing. I love the cadence and flow of Herman Melville’s words, the way they just seem to sweep me along like the tide of the ocean where his story is set. And I love the colour characters, the nautical flavour – and the harpoonists! In my book, the harpoonists make the story so far. I’m letting this flow and ebb of Melville’s words wash around me and enter into the story I’m writing too, gaining inspiration from  his voice for my voice.

Writers, do you read any particular books while you are writing? Do you have any tips as to how you find your voice?


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