The Salonniere’s Gift Guide for Travellers


Making this gift guide really made me wish I was planning a big travel trip again! Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Still, as they say, anticipation and planning is two-thirds of the fun, and that’s probably what lifted my spirits as I was scrolling through the ‘Net, looking up the best travel goodies for all wanderers and gypsies out there!

Clockwise from top left:

  1. The Longchamps Le Pliage tote is possibly the best bag ever for travelling. When my sister offered to get me one while she was in Paris, I was just kind of like, ‘Meh, whatever, only if you want to.’ Since she gave it to me, though, I’ve been in love with it. It’s just the right size for carrying around all the crap I take with me and it’s of such good quality, it’s probably the first bag that hasn’t fallen apart on me yet. Usually, I carry so many things with me (J calls me a snail, carrying her home around with her) that the fabric of all my bags are usually worn right through and then I’d have to get another bag. The bag can also fold itself cunningly into a little clutch if you so choose. I haven’t tried that though – the large size is just perfect for me! My only drawback about this bag is that it seems  like almost everyone in the world has realised how great it is and is carrying one too.
  2. Cashmere wraps are such a great travel accessory. They’re perfect for those long-haul trips where they can double as a wrap and an airplane blanket. And the fabric is so soft and pretty, it’s like you’re wrapping an extra layer of bliss around you. I’m still trying to pick out the best wrap, but I really like the look of this oatmeal cashmere wrap with striped finish from the Travelwrap Company.
  3. Your travels aren’t complete without a travel journal to write down all your thoughts and experiences in. I’ve got so many travel journals, but my favourite so far is this Poketo journal my friend gave me for my birthday this year. It’s small and light enough to carry around while I’m travelling, has a day-to-day itinerary so you can flip back and remember exactly what you did on that day (plus blank spots to fill in for the weather and your travel companions of the day), and an attached envelope to pop in your tickets and mementos.
  4. I really raked in the birthday travel gifts this year as all my friends knew I was going away for my big New York-Norway-Italy trip around the time of my birthday (I felt super grateful and lucky!). Another friend gave me a travel wallet which was one of the most useful travel accessories I’ve had. I was able to keep my passport, boarding passes, money and cards all in one place in this sleek, pretty wallet. Though I don’t know which shop she got it from, I had a hunt around and I think this beautiful blue leather travel wallet from kikki.K will do the job just as well. And it comes with a handy wrist strap for extra security and to give your hand a rest from clutching if you’re not carrying it in a bigger bag.
  5. One should never travel without cute luggage tags to help you find your  baggage on the carousel! I like these cute his-n-her hummingbird and leather tags from Tovicorrie on Etsy. Check out the rest of their shop too as they’ve got some really beautiful iPhone and iPad cases and jewelry on display.
  6. Finally, one should never get on a plane without a super comfortable travel pillow. I’m still trying to figure out the best position to sleep in on a plane (I’m beginning to suspect there are no comfortable positions and the only thing to do is to get a first class seat. One day, one day…). However, what really help keeps my head from lolling around uncomfortably is my Squidgy travel pillow. They’re so comfy and huggable and so much better than the inflatable ones that smell of plastic.

Stay tuned for more Christmas gift guides next week! And if you’re going on holiday this festive season, happy travels!


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