The Salonniere’s Apartments is undergoing renovations!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted… and that is because I have purposely refrained from posting on this blog. A few months ago, I had a good, hard look at my blog with a critical eye and decided… ‘Nope, not good enough. We need an overhaul. A serious overhaul!’

I decided then to take a step back and have a good, long think about exactly what I wanted The Salonniere’s Apartments to be. I made notes, researched my favourite blogs, drew little mind maps and looked up Internet designers. I decided if I really wanted to be in, I wanted The Salonniere’s Apartments to be a really gorgeous, really professional, really beautifully-presented blog. And I decided that in order to that, I would have to spend some money – and again this took time as I saved up some cash to invest into my blog.

Now I’m confident I know exactly what I want my blog to look like and I’m excited about the work ahead that will go into making my visions come true. I’ve hired a designer (the amazing Rashi Birla of Bucket of Squash) and I can’t wait to start working with her on changing the design of The Salonniere’s Apartments. I’m also looking at taking photography lessons so I can improve the quality of images I can bring to this blog and also gaining new experiences that I can bring as well!

In the midst of all this, I’ve done quite a few other things in my life. I’ve taken an amazing trip through three beautiful and very different places – New York, Norway and Rome. I’ve celebrated my birthday in New York which was an amazing place to be in and I’ve refreshed my mind and created a new list of things I want to get done before I turn 30 next year (eek!). I’m so excited at what’s to come in the future, especially what’s in store for The Salonniere’s Apartments.

In the meantime, as the process of overhauling The Salonniere’s Apartments gets underway, there will be changes to this blog. Categories will appear and disappear, old posts will be deleted or given a makeover and new posts will appear, the first of which would be a series of travel posts on my latest journeys. I can’t wait to get started – and to take on this new journey through The Salonniere’s Apartments.



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