The Best Things About Summer

Cartagena hats and masks

I flew home from South America this year to land right smack in the midst of a hot Australian summer. Granted, a couple of small cyclones were whipping up some minor excitement up the coast but thankfully stirring up nothing major than some crazy summer storms in some regional towns and a whole lot off mugginess in the city (bleh! hate the humidity!). And we’ve been lucky that in the past couple of weeks there have been some really lovely cool days, practically springtime weather. But things are going to heat right up again next week…

I always have trouble adjusting to the seasonal changes. When winter hits, I find myself missing the summer sunshine and warm nights (great for partying). And when summer rolls around, I start yearning for days where it was cool enough for a long afternoon run or those wild rainy days spent curled up in bed with a good book!

This time, I’m still having a hard time adjusting to summer – the mugginess, the dry heat when it isn’t humid, the nights when it’s too hot to sleep, sweating like a pig just walking down the street, make up melting off your face, stepping out of the heat into a freezing air-conditioned mall that brings no relief because your clothes are soaked with sweat – aaaargh….

So to gear myself up for this summer (in truth, there’s only about one and a half months of summer left but it feels like it just started because I’ve been away!) I’ve made a list of the Best Things about Summer:

  1. Long sunshine-filled days
  2. The beach!!!
  3. Your laundry drying super-fast
  4. And for that matter – same with your hair after you’ve washed it!
  5. Yummy summer salads
  6. Seasonal fruits – especially mangoes!!!
  7. Music festivals
  8. Outdoor movies
  9. Picnics and barbeques
  10. Rooftop bars
  11. Spending the day in a beer garden (and nights too, without having to freeze your butt off or fight for a seat near the outdoor heaters!)
  12. Swinging in a hammock
  13. Waiting in queues for bars or clubs without freezing.
  14. Summer hats!
  15. Ice-cold drinks – especially Gloria Jean’s Tim Tam Chiller!
  16. Ice-cream cones
  17. Evening runs that finish as the sun sets
  18. Dawn runs that start as the sun rises
  19. Shorts!! Every kind – denim shorts, board shorts, smart shorts, printed shorts…
  20. Driving with the car windows down (except mine is stuck and I need to get it fixed!)

What do you love best about summer?


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