Sweet Valley High Musical/Archie’s Girls – Good Old American High School!

I’m loving the resurgence of good old American High School right now!

Check out those old-skool covers!!!

Check out these old-skool covers!!!

When I was a kid, I was a HUGE fan of both the Sweet Valley series and the Archie comics! I ate up the entire Sweet Valley series – I was seven when the twins were seven in Sweet Valley Kids (I really wanted to get my tonsils out and have chocolate ice-cream too!), then I couldn’t wait to be 12 because of the Sweet Valley Middle School series (my favourite of the Sweet Valley books!) and then there was the Sweet Valley High series when they were 16. And let’s not forget the special editions like the Christmas editions, Halloween editions (the twins were eternally 12 and 16 for many, many Chrismases and Halloweens), Sweet Valley Saga, the Unicorn Club series, the short-lived Sweet Valley Sports series, etc….

In all, I think my least favourite was the Sweet Valley University series. I don’t think the writers had very clear ideas of where the plot was going – also, I didn’t like that Todd had become a jerk and he and Liz had to break up! Boooo….and shortly after that, the Sweet Valley series just kind of seemed to peter out…except for the short-lived TV series starring real life twins Cynthia and Brittany Daniel.

BUT news just in – Sweet Valley is making a comeback! And where else but in a Sweet Valley High musical! A musical written by none other than the Queen of high school movie scripts, Diablo Cody. Yup, Diablo Cody of Juno and Young Adult fame. Is it going to be good? A musical? I don’t really know but I’m crossing my fingers!


And speaking of good old American high school, I’ve always loved MAC’s limited editions – and I have to say MAC is one of my all-time favourite makeup brands. Well, now they’ve just come out with a new Archie’s Girls limited edition! Yup, Betty and Veronica are making a comeback with MAC!!! I got so excited when I first saw the edition at the MAC outlet in the mall. My favourite Archie comics were always the Betty and Veronica Double Digests! The fashions! And the stories!

And here in begs the question: Who is your favourite? Jessica or Elizabeth Wakefield? Who did you want Archie to end up with? Betty or Veronica? I used to be a big fan of Elizabeth Wakefield when I was a kid (a writer, jogger, newspaper editor and all-round nice girl – who didn’t want to aspire to that?) but now that I’m older, I think I prefer Jessica and Veronica! The bad girls always have more fun! 😉

Leaving you with some feel good lovin’ from the Archies gang!



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