Storm in a Sanctuary

The weather hit us right out of the blue today.

Severe storms and gale winds were the order of the day. The windows of our office kept shaking and so did my car on the road today! It was crazy, especially when you consider that it’s only two days to summer in Perth.

Worked late tonight and was glad to get home. The best feeling ever? Snuggled up in my bed in my little eyrie of a bedroom, listening to the sound of the wind outside lashing the trees.

I love my room. It’s been through a couple of simple redecorations, lots of major cleanings (usually after I’ve let things slide and lived in a mega mess for several weeks) and went through something like a Hoarders episode where I tearfully threw out everything I don’t need and gave the rest to charity, but now it’s perfect. Right now I actually love keeping my room clean because it’s so important for me to have a sanctuary. (this is coming from the girl who usually has no problem living in a pigsty.) Something to come home to, somewhere to curl up and work on her writing, read, have a nap and dream a little, somewhere to hide if I’ve been having a bad day.

It’s not exactly Homes and Gardens interior decor feature-worthy and little messes still crop up from time to time. In fact, there’s a stack of letters and documents on the desk that need sorting out ASAP and some shoes that need to be arranged neatly. But from where I lie on my bed, I can see my bookshelf full of my lovely, favourite books. My decor is mine, reflecting myself and who I am. And it’s a great place to come home to and wake up to.

Do you have a sanctuary and where is it?


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