Rememberlutions Jar 2015

Rememberlutions Jar, Memory Jar, Resolutions, Goals

It’s already eight days into 2015! Time really flew by in 2014 and I have a feeling it’s going to fly by even faster in 2015. And one of my resolutions for this year is to ensure I make the most out of each day and get.shit.done.

And one way of making sure I get.shit.done is to create a Rememberlutions Jar! A couple of friends passed on this idea of having a jar that you fill with your experiences and goals for the year. It’s a great way of a) celebrating and remembering your accomplishments and great times and b) a motivator for getting shit done. Place that empty jar where you’ll see it every day as a reminder to get out there and get stuff done so you can start filling it up!

You can go crazy and really jazz your jar up with creative and inspirational decorations. Or you can do like I did it and just go simple. All I did was purchase a small mason jar for less than $2 at my local grocery store. Then I culled my Christmas wrapping dregs (yep, I haven’t tossed them out yet!) for a pretty ribbon to tie around the jar plus a bright red present bow to jazz up the lid.

Rememberlutions Jar, Memory Jar, Resolutions, Goals

Under the present bow, I placed a secret message to remind me to get hustling and fill that jar up!

Rememberlutions Jar, Memory Jar, Resolutions, Goals, hustle

Now time to get cracking and fill it up!

Rememberlutions Jar, Memory Jar, Resolutions, Goals


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