Recipe: Summer Corn Salad

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As we progress further into January, everyone’s talking about getting back on the healthy bandwagon after falling off (with champagne and lots of fun) for December’s festive debauchery.

It’s summertime here in Australia so it’s also the perfect time to enjoy some delicious, refreshing salads! I’m loving this one which I adapted off Fully Raw Kristina’s Epic Fully Raw Mexican Sweet Corn Salad, who always makes the most incredible raw and vegetarian meals I’ve ever seen. I’m in no way a vegetarian and even if I became one, I don’t know if I could ever follow her dietary lifestyle which seems quite expensive and time-consuming, but I love checking out her feeds for inspiration for healthy veggie-based meals when I feel like one. Also, I love her bright and colourful spirit!

Summer corn on the cob is the best thing. I love the corn on the cob we get at our local grocer’s which is so fresh and sweet, it’s so good just eating it raw. This corn salad is the best thing ever and I could eat it for days on end. Plus, it’s so pretty and colourful and so easy to make, it’s a great dish to bring out! I took this one to the potluck dinner I attended on New Year’s Eve and it was definitely a showstopper.

I won’t put it down as an official recipe as I do with my other meals because really the credit all belongs to Kristina. She, however, adds in a lot more vegetables, including avocado, red onion, cilantro and rocket. But as I said, I don’t want to spend a lot of time and money so I just stick to a few vegetables. The main thing that makes the salad is the corn.

Basically, I just take the kernels of 3-4 corn cobs, chop two sticks of celery, wash and halve a punnet of cherry tomatoes, chop up one capsicum and one cucumber and throw them all in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the mixture and mix it all up. That’s it! Easy peasy.


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