Recipe: Squash, Snow Peas and Sweet Corn

Squash, snow peas and sweet corn

I’ve been craving veggies this week and fulfilled the craving by throwing together this really simple meal as part of my dinner last night! Squash, snow peas and sweet corn – this recipe has been brought to you by the letter S!

I had a bag of snow peas in the fridge which I had bought from the grocer’s last week in an attempt to recreate the fresh, sweet taste of the snow peas I had tasted in a friend’s kitchen garden. Sadly, nothing will beat the taste of snow peas plucked fresh off the vine of a kitchen garden, but these peas come pretty close! (note to self: we really should make some use out of our backyard and clear some space for our own kitchen garden!)

I also had some sweet corn cobbettes I had bought earlier in the week. These ones came wrapped in a glad wrap pack that could be pricked and then microwaved for five minutes until the mouthwatering smell of sweet corn filled the air. For those of you who don’t want to microwave your sweet corn, I suggest steaming the cobbettes – I am a huge fan of steamed corn on the cob and can’t wait until my braces come off so I can finally sink my teeth into the cobs again. In the meantime, it’s really easy to slice the corn off the cob with a knife and into a dish.

To round out the dish, I decided to continue my love affair with yellow button squash. I love that this dish is really easy to make – just saute the squash and snow peas really quickly in a pan with some herbs, then stir through the sweet corn kernels. Et voilà!

Squash, snow peas and sweet corn:

Six to eight yellow button squash, diced
About 15-20 snow peas, ends trimmed
Six to eight mini sweet corn cobbettes, steamed or microwaved
Rosemary, marjoram and fresh parsley for seasoning

Heat olive oil in a pan and saute button squash and snow peas on medium to low heat for a minute or two. Add rosemary and marjoram to taste, then continue to saute until vegetables are tender. Using a small knife, slice the corn kernels off the cobbettes (keeping back one or two for your own corn on the cob eating pleasure, if you wish!). Fold the corn kernels and fresh parsley into the dish. Serve hot and enjoy!


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