Recipe: Soft Boiled Eggs

Soft Boiled Eggs and Bread

I just got back from 20 minutes of swimming this morning at my local pool. Probably 15 minutes of swimming, considering how much time I actually spent just standing in the water at the end of each lap trying to catch my breath. Lousy, I know, but at least I actually got to the pool to swim a little!

I’ve been taking swimming lessons because I never learned how to swim properly when I was a kid. This is the second time I’ve taken lessons as an adult – the first time was a few years back with my sister and we basically just spent most of our time fooling around. I will say, it helped at least in teaching me how to float on my back and do the survival back stroke, the one that makes you look like a frog swimming on its back!

Now my main problem is mastering the breathing technique. I’m the only person who still keeps coming up gasping and choking, swallowing heaps of water and just generally forgetting how to exhale underwater. Aaargh! But I’ve been watching a few videos online and trying to figure out what my problem is. Hopefully, I’ll get better at this! Fingers crossed!

Eggs in a Pot

Soft Boiled Eggs:

Now, I’m guessing this won’t really qualify as a recipe since soft-boiled eggs are so easy to make! But I had a crazy phase last week of eating soft boiled eggs, especially with my poor tender teeth from a visit to the orthodontist, so I just had to share my favourite dish of last week with you. Probably not a good idea to eat too much of this though as it can get pretty cholesterol crazy with all the yolks! But then who doesn’t love yolks? I, for one, am not a fan of the egg-whites only club. I love yolks too much – they’re the best part of eating eggs!


Three to four eggs
Cracked pepper
Soy sauce
Fresh crusty bread


Pre-boil water in a kettle. Add water to your pot of eggs and let boil on stove on a high to medium heat for about three to four minutes. Remove pot from kettle and drain. Fill your pot with cool water and let eggs sit within as you crack each egg into a small bowl, using a spoon to dig the white flesh out from the shells. Mix in half a teaspoon of soy sauce and season with some cracked pepper. Serve with bread and enjoy!


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