Recipe: Lemongrass, Lime and Chili Chicken with Zucchini and Yellow Button Squash

The other day I saw the cutest little yellow button squashes at the grocer’s.  I fell in love right away with their cute-as-a-button shapes and their bright colour.

Yellow Button Squash

Yellow Button Squash 2

How adorable are they?? Look at them. They’re like bright little flowers. Even their name is cute. Button squash. Pattypan squash. Sunburst squash. J’adore.

Squash is a vegetable that’s pretty popular in North America but not so much over in Asia and Australia. It’s rarely on the menu at restaurants and I’ve never cooked squash before (in fact, the ones I’m more familiar with are the big pumpkin-like squashes which I always steer clear of because they look so hard to chop up). But I was willing to give it a go on account of their  more-adorable-than-Zooey-Deschanel-on-New-Girl appearance. They were practically screaming, “Eat me, baby!!!” from the vegetable aisle.

When I got home, I looked up button squash and how-to recipes online. There weren’t many around, but I gathered they tasted a lot like zucchini. So I decided to chop up some button squash and zucchini and do a quick saute with some Italian herbs and chopped red chili for seasoning.

Red Chili


It was a great decision – all the flavours went really well together and I’m loving the bright pops of yellow, green and red in my meal! And FYI, button squash does taste like zucchini, only sweeter. Great for summer. I think I’m definitely going to be incorporating this vegetable in my cooking a lot more now.

Squash on a Plate

I served the vegetables along with some chicken marinated in a new brand of sauce I found, Simply Stirred. I got this at the Re Store, a great store/deli/cafe in WA that supplies fresh-made pasta and cheese and lots of European brands of food. Simply Stirred, however, is an Australian brand and they had such pretty bottles and packaging, I immediately grabbed a bottle of Lemongrass, Lime and Chili to put in my basket.

Lemongrass, lime and chili chicken

This turned out to be a great, quick and easy meal that I’m definitely going to make again. Even the boyfriend liked it and he was looking askance at the squash like they were some form of cute evil troll when I first brought them home!

Squash in a panLemongrass, Lime and Chili chicken with Zucchini and Yellow Button Squash:

Half a large white onion, minced.
Six to seven yellow button squashes, chopped up in quarters.
One zucchini, chopped up in small chunks.
One red chili, seeded and chopped up small.
Four to six pieces of chicken (I used drumsticks and thigh portions)
One bottle of Simply Stirred lemongrass, lime and chili marinade. (or use any similar marinade on your supermarket shelf if this not available)
Italian herb seasoning.
Mix the chicken and marinade (I used about half a bottle) in a bowl. Cover with glad wrap and leave to marinade in the fridge from anywhere from half an hour to overnight.

Heat a dash of oil in a large pan. Add half of the chopped onions to the pan, stirring until fragrant. Add the chili, squash and the zucchini and saute on medium heat until tender. Season with Italian herbs and keep cooking on low for about a minute before removing from heat. Transfer vegetables to a plate.

Return pan to stove, adding another dash of oil if needed. Add the rest of the onions and saute till fragrant. Add the chicken and marinade. Cover pan and allow to simmer at medium heat, turning the chicken pieces over frequently until the meat is thoroughly cooked through. Serve at once with squash and zucchini. Enjoy!


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