Recipe: Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower Soup and Warm Bread

I’ve been to the orthodontist to have my braces tightened once more. This time, he’s added some connecting bands to help close the last few gaps remaining and estimates it’ll take another two or three more visits before it’s time to get these metal bars off! I’ve mostly forgotten about my braces over the past year, but right now, so close to the end time, I’m starting to get impatient and I just want them off ASAP!

Usually I’m pretty okay about eating right after a visit to the orthodontist except for the occasional time where it takes a day or two of eating soft food. But this time, with the addition of the connecting bands, I haven’t been able to eat much over the past five days. So I’ve gone back to my usual menu of soft foods when I first got my braces… and decided to make cauliflower soup for dinner!

Cauliflower soup is so yummy. My friend made this once for me for dinner and I was amazed at how creamy cauliflower can be once it’s blended. It doesn’t even require milk or cream to get that proper texture. And because it’s mostly cauliflower and onion, it’s a pretty healthy meal – and incredibly tasty and filling as well! Double triple bonus 🙂

Cauliflower Soup: (serves two)


Half a head of cauliflower, washed and roughly chopped up into medium sized floretsHalf a white onion, dicedOne small knob of butter
One and a half cups of chicken stock
Fresh bread


Heat butter in a pot until it has melted and coated the base. Add the onions and saute until fragrant. Add your cauliflower florets and saute for another four or five minutes or until cauliflower is a little tender. Pour in the chicken stock and allow to simmer for a few more minutes, stirring occasionally. Take the pot off the oven and, using a blender or hand blender, blend soup until smooth and creamy, adding a little more water to thin out the soup if necessary.

Pour into two bowls, garnished with some cracked pepper and serve with warm, crusty bread on the side. Enjoy! 🙂


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